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November 06, 2009 By: genius

It is true that the world now has become a global village but in this limitless village, it is very difficult to trust some one. When I was a novice web surfer, I came across hundreds of work online programs. In start, I believed in every single of them. Apparently, all of them looked Legit. I thought I just discovered a golden hen laying golden eggs but alas!! I was wrong. I joined some of the work online programs in start but ended up in wasting my time for nothing. I don’t want to dishearten you; actually I want to show you the reality. Well, it is already understood that the realities are usually harsh:). But wait! What I said earlier is true but that doesn’t mean all the fingers are same. Yes, there are some legit work online programs out there using which people are earning their livelihood. Some people have even become pretty rich using these legit work online programs and have adopted their online earnings as their primary source of income. I will provide you a list of legit work online programs in this article but first I will clear remaining doubts present in your mind.

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Q. Why I am putting this list of legit work online programs online? What benefit I get from you? Some people will claim that in modern age, even an angel won’t give you any thing without his own benefit.
Ans. My answer will be “I am a business man and I think helping some one is not a deficit, especially when you also gain some thing” I am sure those visitors who are serious about working online will bookmark my article to see future updates in my legit work online programs list and thus I will get a long term traffic flow increasing my ads revenue. See??? I am still a business man;).
Remember! I have myself worked as an offshore freelancer on these websites. Even now, offshore Freelance work is my primary source of income. I am not rich but I am living a respectable life.  You can also select one or more legit freelance websites from the list bellow and start working on it provided that you are serious enough.
1. Elance
2. Odesk
3. Guru
4. Freelancer
5. Vworker (previously known as rentacoder)
6. Scriptlance
7. Getacoder

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