How to Monetize Your Website

June 17, 2010 By: admin

How to monetize your website? In my article I am addressing those people who have developed enough traffic on their website that they now start to wonder how to monetize their website. The answer of this question depends upon what kind of traffic you have. Most of you might have mixed traffic, which means you don’t have traffic interested in a specific area but instead you have traffic of every kind. Under my experience, if you have mixed traffic then your first choice should be PPC programs like Google Adsense, Infolinks or Chitika. You might question why didn’t I mention affiliate programs, my answer is, Affiliate programs need highly targeted traffic and mixed traffic usually don’t give you as much results as you expected. On the other hand, PPC networks like Google Adsense automatically detects your page contents, calculates what kind of traffic your page might have and shows relevant ads on your website. Such ads have more earning potential, better CTR ration resulting in better earning.
If you want to monetize your website properly then you should use more than one PPC programs together. Remember some programs like Google Adsense don’t like to get mixed up with other similar programs so advanced webmasters have developed pairs of such PPC programs which tolerate one another. For instance, if you are right now monetizing your website using Google Adsense then I will recommend you to add Infolinks on your website as well. Infolinks is fully compatible with Google Adsense and many webmasters are successfully monetizing their website using a pair of Google Adsense and Infolinks. Infolinks ads don’t look like Google Adsense ads therefore Google Adsense allows you to use it along. I myself am utilizing this pair and I think my earning is increased. Some people might think that their Google Adsense earning will decrease if they will use Infolinks but I don’t think so. If you will integrate Infolink properly then it won’t affect your Google Adsense earning. For example, you can restrict infolinks in text advertisement in only those areas of your website where Google Adsense ads are not displayed, this way Infolinks distract your Google Adsense earning.
I have even seen some people using Google Adsense, Infolinks and Chitika altogether. Although I haven’t tried it myself but I think Google Adsense tolerates this pair as well. Infolinks and Chitika can play a good role in monetizing your website. Remember, whenever you use more than one PPC programs together, try to cover all areas of your website and don’t use more than one PPC ad in a single area. You need to cover each and every area of your website instead of putting all your ads in a single corner. Your CTR is very much influenced by your ads placement; therefore try different ad positions and track your earnings. If you want to monetize your website, you should give weight to each and every monetizing program available provided that they are compatible with one another.

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