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June 20, 2009 By: genius

You are a psychiatric or a psychic person and are finding ways to use your skill online to make money? Here is the way to work online as a psychic. According to my analysis, money is hidden under the honest services. This means if you want to earn some thing, you have to serve some one honestly. There are many people out there who face a lot of mental tensions due to which they become a victim of psychological problems. Usually they end up with finding a solution for their psychological problems. Some of them contact psychologists and the remaining try to find some psychic person to resolve their issues. If you think you are a psychic person, like you can feel what others have on their mind then you can help others as well as you can make money as a bonus. Yes! You can make money online as well as can help people to come out of their psychological issues. The question is how? Well, I am here to answer this. You only need a good website for this purpose and in addition to that, you need to dedicate some of your time to keep it online and up to date. Even one hour daily will work.

First find some good domain name relating to the word psychic or psychology. It is very important that you domain name is relevant to your work because this will help search engine to register your website in category or psychic work online websites. Now you can add some kind of medium of communication between you and your website visitors. A forum or a blog with threaded comments will fulfill your need.

The home page of your psychic work online website will play the most important role so make sure that the contents you wrote are attractive, well summarize and are solely about your psychic work. Try to avoid irrelevant contents.

Soon you will see people start visiting your online psychic website. They will start to post questions for you. How you handle them is now up to you. Try to remain online for as much time as possible to answer their questions about their psychological problems. Try to give benefit to your visitors and they will benefit you.

Now here comes the money making part, how will you visitors benefit you? Alright, once your website is online and running good, now you can become an ads publisher. Some people may contact you to place their advertisement on your website and in return you can charge them money. You can also become publisher on ads publishing networks like Google Adsense. Place Google Adsense ads on prominent places of your website and blend them in your psychic contents. Google Adsense will display advertisement relating to psychics/psychological things and thus people will tend to visit those ads. This will result in your earning. Every time a visitor will click on and advertisement link, you will be get paid. After money making part, lets get back to the first part, remember? Money is hidden under the services. Work hard! Try to benefit your visitors, help them in solving their problems; your visitors will ultimately increase resulting in an increase in your earning. Believe me, this will work! Good Luck!

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Comment from vietryomire
Time July 4, 2009 at 8:24 am

I believe by saying psychic you mean psychiatric, am i right? I like the idea to open an online psychiatry.

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