Swagbucks Review (Scam or Legit)

November 19, 2009 By: admin

After requests from various visitors, I decided to write a detailed review about Swagbucks.com. I faithfully tried my best to gather all the possible information about Swagbucks but I still cannot claim 100% accuracy of this review. First of all, I would like to mention that Swagbucks currently only registers visitors from USA, United Kingdom or Canada so if you are not from these 3 countries, please don’t waste your time on this topic. Swagbucks is a search based work online and earn type program Read the rest of this entry »

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Legit Work Online Programs

November 06, 2009 By: genius

It is true that the world now has become a global village but in this limitless village, it is very difficult to trust some one. When I was a novice web surfer, I came across hundreds of work online programs. In start, I believed in every single of them. Apparently, all of them looked Legit. I thought I just discovered a golden hen laying golden eggs but alas!! I was wrong. I joined some of the work online programs in start but ended up in wasting my time for nothing. I don’t want to dishearten you; actually I want to show you the reality. Well, it is already understood that the realities are usually harsh:). But wait! What I said earlier is true but that doesn’t mean all the fingers are same. Yes, there are some legit work online programs out there using which people are earning their livelihood. Some people have even Read the rest of this entry »

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Work Online as Graphic Designer

July 05, 2009 By: genius

Graphic designing is the base of every thing. Every kind of work involves graphic designing. It is lucky to be a graphic designer. Some of you might not agree with me in this respect but I am sure what I am saying is true. If you are a graphic designer and you are facing financial problems then you are responsible for your situation. Don’t just sit their and wait for some one to come and give you some work to do. Try to look outside of your own build shell. World has become a global village. All you need is a place in this global village. Go and get a computer and an internet connection. Read the rest of this entry »

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Work Online In Pakistan

June 22, 2009 By: genius

I am writing this article for my Pakistani fellows who are interested in making money by working online from their homes. Work online and work at home jobs are especially suitable for girls and women because they don’t need to leave their homes in order to work online. No mater where you are, if you have a computer and a good stable internet connection; you can earn a reasonable income for your bread and butter. I have seen that in most of the areas of Pakistan, girls are not paid fairly equal to the boys. Suppose if a boy is getting paid 10,000 rupees for a job, a girl will be paid 5000 or a little more for the same kind of job. Read the rest of this entry »

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Work Online Photoshop

June 20, 2009 By: genius

For a good Adobe Photoshop designer, it is a piece of cake to work online and earn a reasonable income. Adobe Photoshop is now being used in almost every kind of designing work. Especially, commercial website templates are first designed in Adobe Photoshop and then converted to HTML. So if you are a Photoshop designer and you have internet access as well then don’t worry about the work, you will find tons of work online. It is like you are standing in front of money, all you need to do is to grab it. Many offshore websites are available and people like me are using them as their primary source of income. Read the rest of this entry »

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Work Online Autocad

June 20, 2009 By: genius

Working online as an Autocad expert can be a little bit difficult without proper knowledge but if you invest some time on internet then you can sure get yourself good online work opportunities. Autocad is a crafting software with allows us to craft 2d or 3d structures with the help of computer. If you are confident that you are an Autocad expert then you can start your online activity by joining engineering forums first. You will meet a lot of engineers there who are already working online and thus you will gain a lot of knowledge in this respect. Some freelance websites let you find projects related to Read the rest of this entry »

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Work Online as a Psychic

June 20, 2009 By: genius

You are a psychiatric or a psychic person and are finding ways to use your skill online to make money? Here is the way to work online as a psychic. According to my analysis, money is hidden under the honest services. This means if you want to earn some thing, you have to serve some one honestly. There are many people out there who face a lot of mental tensions due to which they become a victim of psychological problems. Usually they end up with finding a solution for their psychological problems. Some of them contact psychologists and the remaining try to find some psychic person to resolve their issues. Read the rest of this entry »

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