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Twicsy Review (Benefits and Drawbacks)

Twicsy is a website that offers services to help individuals and businesses grow their Instagram Accounts. While it can be helpful for some, it can also hurt others so it’s important to consider both the benefits and drawbacks before deciding whether you should use it or not.

Twicsy Review

In this article, I will try to cover all the benefits and drawbacks of Twicsy:

Benefits of Using Twicsy

Increase Followers on Instagram

Twicsy offers a package using which you can buy instagram followers. This package can help increase your visibility on Instagram. It is a known fact that people tend to follow only those Instagram accounts that already have a large number of followers. So buying followers from Twicsy can attract more genuine followers.

Improve your Credibility and Income

Having a large follower base will increase the credibility of your Instagram profile. This will certainly lead to more paid collaborations and sponsorships which will ultimately increase your overall income.


Apart from a few lucky people, It is pretty hard to naturally grow your presence on Instagram. With the help of Twicsy, you can quickly boost your account without investing too much time and energy.

Easy to Go Viral

You can buy likes from Twicsy website which can give the initial boost to your contents. More likes generally means more shares, people tent to share posts with more likes just to keep their own account alive. So if you do that with the right content at the right time, you contents will go viral. Everybody knows that sometimes a viral post can give you millions of followers.

Better Quality Followers

The followers you buy from Twicsy are generally better than most of their competitors. They have two types of followers:

  • High Quality Followers
  • Active Followers

I suggest that you go with Active Followers. The price difference it not huge but the benefit you get will worth it. High Quality Followers are actually just bots and it will be just a number for you while Active Followers are somewhat more supported by Twicsy. Some of them may post updates to their accounts which will make them look more legit.

Affordable Price

Twicsy packages are very affordable. You can buy 500 Followers in the price that you spend on a good burger. If that is not affordable then what else can be?

Drawbacks of Twicsy

Now here are a few potential drawbacks of using Twicsy with your Instagram Account:

Risk of Account Suspension

The most worrying of all the drawbacks is the possibility of suspension of your Instagram Account. Although Twicsy on its website claims that their That is because buying followers and likes is an unnatural approach and might be violation the terms of service of Instagram. I pretty sure Instagram wont be happy to fill its database with bots and inactive people so it can be risky for your Instagram account.

Low Followers Engagement

Buying artificial followers from Twicsy will certainly affect the follower engagement rate of your Instagram account. This can adversely affect your repute in the eyes of your genuine followers and they may also start to become less active and eventually leave you altogether.

Reduce Your Credibility

Your real followers will surely notice some of the artificial profiles of your followers. Fake followers will obviously behave differently and their profiles will look suspicious which can reduce the creditability of your Instagram account in the eyes of your genuine followers.

Temporary Boost

Buying followers and likes from Twicsy will result in temporary spikes but it wont give any permanent boost to your Instagram account. We also have seen reports of Twicsy followers leaving instagram accounts after some time. You can visit Twicsy reviews on Notscam to see actual users opinion regarding this issue.

Limited Customer Support

Twicsy offers a contact us form to contact to their support which is the most basic medium of communication. A direct phone number or a live chat system seems to be necessary in case of a large user base. It can be frustrating for those customers who face issues with their orders.

Should You Use Twicsy or Not

In my opinion, this decision totally depends upon the current status of your Instagram account.

If you are just starting an Instagram then you can take the risk. If your account gets suspended, you can always create another Instagram account without any significant loss.

But, If you own a well established Instagram account then you should probably think twice before attempting such adventures.