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In Text Advertising (Infolinks vs Kontera vs Adsense)

There are several ways to monetize your website traffic but usually, a beginner website starts with Google Adsense. No doubt that Adsense is the best PPC service out there. However, Adsense also allows webmasters to use third-party PPC companies as well provided that their ads don’t look like those of Adsense. So after searching a lot on the web, I came to know that In Text Advertisement is probably the best PPC system to use along with Adsense. There is virtually no chance that the ads can look like Adsense ads so you are safe to use In Text Advertising services along with Adsense.


Good In Text Advertising Companies

Now the second question is, “which in-text advertising company is best?”. You will be able to see many comments in the comments section on this question but I only see two companies worthy to put on your website in the context of in-text advertisement.

  1. Infolinks
  2. Kontera


Infolinks is a legit business, not a scam one. No doubt that Infolinks is my first choice. I tried them on my website and have seen very good results so far. They are good, and friendly and give you support when required. When you use their code on your website, the code automatically converts some keywords on your website to hyperlink ads. Infolinks admin panel provides a way to change the colors of in-text advertising links. In addition to that, you can change them to have double underlines if you want to separate them from your single-line hyperlinks. Although the click rate of Infolinks is way lower than Adsense their CTR is always higher than Adsense which compensates for the loss a bit. The only drawback of Infolinks I have seen so far is their surprisingly low rates for Asian traffic, other than that they are fine. If the majority of your website traffic comes from any Asian country, especially from India or Pakistan, then you probably should think once again before using Infolinks on your website.


Kontera is also reputable in text advertisement PPC Company which is compatible with Adsense. You can use it along with Adsense without any worries. I haven’t seen any significant drop in my Adsense earnings after the addition of Infolinks or Kontera on my website so they are worth trying. If I analyze the PPC share of my website income, Adsense has almost a share of 70 to 75% and Infolinks has a 25 to 30% which is not bad. Please also post your experiences with Kontera and Infolinks and other in-text advertising companies in the comments section below.

  1. Shayk says:


    This is Shay from Infolinks.

    Thanks for the good feedback!

    Feel free to contact us at:[email protected], with any question you may have.

    Good Day,

  2. bloginhome says:

    I am using my ads infolinks but not yet emerged. about what causes it?

  3. Free Ads Bank says:

    I am also a publisher of infolinks. I think that it is good if your website have attractive keywords.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Infolinks is a SCAM! Beware!!! They will NOT pay you and they will NOT respond to your email requests and phone calls about the pay. They claimed that they never received my tax information a few days before they were suppose to pay within the 30-45 day window (really 45 days) when I had sent it in- how convenient they say this. Not only did I send it in but I also had called & emailed them weeks in advance to confirm that it was received. Of course they never responded.

    Here’s what they do when you sign up- they’ll give you decent earnings and then the earnings will fall dramatically. I also had emailed and called them about this a few times and again they never responded. We were about to remove Infolinks from our site, but then the earnings went back up for a little while. My tech department and I suspect that they did this on purpose so we would stay. And then the earnings went back down again for no reason at all, even though our impressions and clicks were at the highest. You have to understand that Infolinks will NOT pay, if you continue to run them on your site, you are wasting your time. They STILL get paid by the advertisers and all you get is used. Don’t waste your time and put this scam company out of business.

    Take a few minutes and report them to the Attorney General’s office in both California and New York; to the Better Business Bureau; to RipOff Reports; file with a collections agency; and the International Trade Commission. And don’t forget to post your negative experience on every legitimate site to warn other website owners. I will be posting on multiple forums to warn others. I have already seen other postings from fellow bloggers who have similar stories to mine. I wish I had seen these before or that they had existed when I signed up.

    I also suspect this SHAY person is a fake and not even his/her real name. There is supposedly someone named Noa M. who works there. Here is his information for anyone who wants to try to collect their payment:
    Noa M.
    Account Manager
    Infolinks, Inc.

    T 212-201-7481
    F 212-419-0975
    E “[email protected]
    W “”

    They also say you can contact “[email protected]”. But good luck in getting someone to respond to you.

    I have wasted more than 5 months of my time with this company and about another month chasing them around for my payment. They’re not worth the headache. Don’t you get scammed too!

  5. Cebu Tech Blogger says:

    I am using infolinks for in-line text ads, but I’m really getting a very low CTR… I’ve been thinking of using Kontera instead… What do you think?

  6. Tapas Kumar Biswas says:

    Infolink is a fraud site. After working of $10 they have suspended my account without any proper reason. It is my request to the brother and sister especially from Asian countries to avoid Infolink.

  7. kate says:

    I am new to infolinks. Thanks for your info.

  8. abid says:

    i m using info links but it is paying very low how and in how many days it will pay me heigh rates on25 clicks they are paying only $0.54 what is this sir i need help and also my info links is only in 1st three posts how it will increase to be shown in all posts?

  9. Mufi says:

    I just remove infolink ads from my blog. I am worried that it might affect the Page Rank since it been rewarded PR1 by google in the 2nd months of its old.

    Please correct my opinion that infolink will drop Google PR since I knew that google don’t like too many out bond links on a blog/website.

    Thank you.

  10. Steve says:

    i m using info links but it is paying very low how and in how many days it will pay me heigh rates on25 clicks they are paying only $0.54 what is this sir i need help and also my info links is only in 1st three posts how it will increase to be shown in all posts?

  11. aref bhat says:

    Hi Mufi,

    Your Google PR does not depend on infolink or any other PPC advertising programs they don’t interfere with the Page Rank. I have started using infolinks and initially i am statisfied. My friend has been using infolinks and he has no problem with the payment. He referred me to infolinks. I will write my review once again when i get payment..

  12. My Gamer Diary says:

    Thanks for the info, I think I’ll stick with Kontera for now.

  13. Golden Chennai says:

    If infolinks is fraud why many publishers in India use infolinks. It is ranked nearly 200 in alexa rankings in india. Could anyone suggest whether i can try till the first payment or stop using infolinks.

  14. alex says:

    I have tried infolinks and it is not a fraud. It is a good text advertisement program. But yes infolinks rates are very low. I am now considering to give any other inline text based advertisement program but my switching will only be due to their poor rates. Otherwise they are a fully legitimated text advertisement company.

  15. raj says:

    Hi I’m new in infolink,i was got approval in infolink but no one add is displayes in my web wat can i do for presenting adds… please tell any one knows

  16. The Articles Base says:

    Every website make different amounts of money so you cannot blame any company until you have huge amount of traffic.

  17. Jake Murray says:

    I tried kontera I got 805 impressions 56 clicks and I earned $.96.
    But I did not hurt my adsense earnings.

  18. Nicholas Teo@Feng Shui since 1988 says:

    I just sign up with infolink this month and did not notice any drop in my adsense. They really pay very low, 0.01-0.03 cents per click. At this rate I do not know when I will received my first payment. Base on Jake comment, kontera rate is also very low.

  19. eXamResults says:

    If you want to earn money through Online..Infolinks is best choice after Adsense.Dont listn to others.Try it for few days.You will get good results with Infolinks.Iam earning morethan $100 with Infolinks.Thank you Infolinks..:-)

  20. Marc says:

    Infolinks ad do pay very, very, low. For example, I have over 14,000 impressions and 143 clicks and made 0.38 cents; that is .002 cent per ad click.

    Infolinks do respond to my email questions in less than 24 hours about pay rate and how to increase pay-rate, and so does Kontera. My website is global, and clicks from different countries are not pay on the same value.

    The only problem that I have with those responses is that I wish I could find a reputable ad agency that could run my ads for .002 cent per click. How wonderful that would be?

    Kontera do pay low as well; there seem to be no difference between the two companies. Accept that Kontera ads load faster than Infolinks. That is very important for page load. As we all know users/visitors does not wait on ads to load. Both Kontera and Infolinks ads seem to match inline text keywords 70% to 90% percent of the time, which is very good.

    I write this comment based on my experience with both companies. I do not know how long I will publish with them. One day in the near feature, my traffic will be extremely high, and I will remember each ad agency I did business with, and how much they paid.


  21. Chuks says:

    Infolinks,adsense,adbrite,kokera,and so on are good but will not pay when you voilate its rules.

  22. Aaron says:

    I am try info links on my site “” and their pay rate is low. I’m going to see how it works out for a few months and report back. I have never tried kokera but I think we can all agree that adsense pays the best.

  23. DJ Trinity says:

    If you are using adsense ppc advertising on your site then no need to go for Infolinks or Kontera.
    Adsense is the Best Choice and Pays high CTR.

  24. says:

    I am using kontera ads for my site “” I think Kontera ads loads faster then infolinks.

  25. tanzeel says:

    Infolinks are fool please dont use them they are too late may payment end on 31 march 68$ and they payout me on 15th May after 2 month lolz what a radish

  26. Piyush Shekhar says:

    Adsense is the best, after that i rate kontera as the best. Infolinks is a waste.

  27. John Peter says:

    Nice information share, good writing, but paying rate and is very low and payments are too late..

  28. Cebu Events Blogger says:

    ill stick to Adsense now.

  29. David says:


    This is David from Kontera. This is a very interesting post, allow me to share some information about Kontera that makes us the leading In-Text provider.

    Kontera is the exclusive In-Content platform reaches over 170 million unique users per month through more than 15,000 web publisher using Kontera.

    The reason that Kontera is so effective for so many different people is thanks to our Synapse platform, an algorithm that rather than just scanning for keywords like other in-content companies do, can read your text for actual meaning. This added understanding allows us deliver relevant information and ads directly related to user intent, leading to higher CTR and better CPC.

    Another advantage of Kontera is our exclusive ad inventory from some of the biggest brand names in the world including Ford, UPS, Verizon, American Express, Kraft Foods, L’Oreal, BlackBerry, HP, and many more. These premium, often Rich-Media ads are the most attractive to users, offer the best possible CPC, and are only available to Kontera Publishers.

    We offer the highest revenue share around at 70%.If you are unhappy with your current In-Text provider contact us, we’re currently offering new publishers a $50 Bonus if you get at least 25,000 U.S. page views during your first 30 days on the network. Kontera also offers a low $50 minimum threshold, good across all of our payout methods.

    David Stein
    Kontera Community Manager
    [email protected]
    Monetize your site with Kontera In-Text ads

  30. Anirudh says:

    Infolinks is another abomination in the long list of abominates that secretly and systematically steals your money from you. I recently disabled Infolinks from all my sites and begged them to close my account while keeping the whole shebang I earned and shamelessly they did so!

    It began when I started receiving relentless emails from them saying I need to declare my Taxation through Infolinks through W8-BEN. I do submit them from year to year and after sending them copies of my W8-BEN forms repeatedly all I got was SQUAT! No Reply! No reasonable answer! instead I get same email for going down the memory lane again and again following the same steps….

    This time I thought they better shut me down for good! Since they are not financially or most importantly not a bit morally backed up, they did the same without shame! So, The dime and time I lost don’t matter they proved themselves shamelessly to be ignorant and money laundering leeches!


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