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Swagbucks Review (Scam or Legit)

After requests from various visitors, I decided to write a detailed review about I faithfully tried my best to gather all the possible information about Swagbucks but I still cannot claim 100% accuracy in this review. First of all, I would like to mention that Swagbucks currently only registers visitors from the USA, the United Kingdom, or Canada so if you are not from these 3 countries, please don’t waste your time on this topic. Swagbucks is a search-based work online and earns type program. The basic idea is to search and earn points. A point is called a Swag buck. It acts like their currency which is redeemable. You can use it to get prizes from a list available. Every prize has a price in SB (Swag Bucks), if you have sufficient SBs for an item, you can purchase it. So you don’t directly earn the money but you earn redeemable points.


Swagbucks don’t have a membership fee so don’t worry about your money, even if it happens to be a scam, all you can lose is your time spent on it. I haven’t reported any verified scam report about Swagbucks yet but I am still receiving reviews. For example, users say that the redemption prices are too high. Some members say that most of the redeemable things are useless posters and every useful item has too high a redeemed price. Some account locking reports are received but I think it is ignorable that’s because most of the users try to abuse every work online program.
Here are the Registration details for
Yosef gorowitz P.O. Box 2748
Redoado Beach, CA 90278 US
Phone: +1.8777482714
Registrar Name….:
Registrar Whois…:
Registrar Homepage:
Created on…………..: 2007-10-29
Expires on…………..: 2010-10-29
It looks like the website owner resides in the US so most likely it is not going to be a scam unless the address is fake. But US users can easily verify their legit entity. Swagbucks also has a blog where you can find their codes to increase your points. I usually try every work online program before posting a review on the work online forum but Swagbucks refused to register me because I am not from the USA, United Kingdom, or Canada. I will highly appreciate it if you can post a review about Swagbucks in the comments section. Even if you don’t want to register on Swagbucks, revisit this page after a few days and you will find a lot of reviews from our visitors in the comments section.
Conclusion: For the time being, I haven’t received any Scam reports about Swagbucks so you can give it a try. You are only required to search once or twice a day which will take a couple of minutes so I think the risk is not too much however take a look at the comments section which will be updated continuously, maybe you can find a scam report there by the time you visit.

  1. daniel says:

    I can say there is no scam. You search, you win. You search, swagbucks earns money, and gives you some of that in the form of swagbucks to redeem for prizes. They’re obviously making alot of money by the sheer number of searches.

  2. peaceandlove says:

    Swagbucks is not a scam gus!!! Last week my best friend got a iphone, sign up here to this link and start earning its easy

  3. SofaKingAwesome says:

    Swagbucks is not a scam! I thought so at first, until I got 1 $5.00 Amazon gift card in the first week of doing it. I am working on my second one now.

  4. Mark says:

    SwagBucks definitely isn’t a scam. I’ve been with it for a about a month and have already earned, received and used about $20 in Amazon gift certificates. Just by doing my regular Internet searches and filling in the occasional “SwagCode” (although you can also earn by recruiting friends, buying name brands in their online store or trading in old video games and cell phones). It’s really easy.

    The site owners get their money from advertising and partnering with some big names like WWE, Hilary Duff, Matchbox Twenty and even the New Orleans Saints! But they have a strong anti-spam policy — the only email I get from them are the emails I signed up for. It’s definitely NOT a scam and definitely is a great and easy way to earn prizes!

  5. capri says:

    I am not in the US, UK or CA and I register and so far have 12 SB but it only allows me to get SB through codes not by performing searches.

  6. rural631 says:

    They are very bad about canceling your account when you cash in your Swagbucks, My brother lost 500 bucks, no explanation. I buy Amazon GC every time I get 45 bucks.
    Also I’m having to search more, no bucks in 2 days of searching. I’m going to quit at this rate.

  7. storme says:

    swag bucks just raised all the cost of every single item at the same time they added a zero on every swag buck you earn. they claim that you will earn prizes faster that way.. but, the tick was raising the cost of everything first. so. if this isnt a scam, then what is?

  8. milllllion says:

    Good news! While it may seem too good to be true, Swag Bucks is not a scam. is absolutely legit.
    It pays out. I’ve been using it for 2 months and have earned $30 in Amazon gift certificates.
    And it is EASY. All you do is use their search engine for your everyday web searches. No answering surveys. No clicking on adds. No completing ‘offers’. No need to purchase anything (even shipping is free) and no need to supply a credit card. No email spam. No viruses.

    it’s easy as 1-2-3!

    1. Search the web as you normally would using search engine. You’ll get results from and
    2. SwagBucks will be periodically awarded to you as you search. You can win up to 5 SwagBucks with a single search and on Fridays you can win up to 100 SwagBucks with a single search. You can also find and redeem SwagCodes which will add to your SwagBucks total.
    3. Redeem your SwagBucks for prizes ranging from gift certificates for Amazon, Target and iTunes to televisions, video games, iPods, movie, music and sports collectibles and more!

  9. Hey,Hey,Paula says:

    I just won $25 PayPal cash. Didn’t do anything except search with their engine, earn swagbucks and then used some of my swagbucks for swagstakes prize!
    I have not invested any money and no one asked for my credit card. You must have a PayPal account.

  10. Joe says:

    Since they switched over to the “all new” swagbucks, I’ve noticed I don’t win nowhere near as much as I previously did doing searches….and when I do I win it’s either in the early morning or at night….I haven’t won anything doing a search in the middle of the day. I think they have it set up where you can win doing the search only twice a day. I’ve never won more than that and like I said…it’s always been in the early morning and at night. (and usually both times I win within my first couple of searches). Middle of the day seems to be a waste to use swagbucks search. I’m starting to get very weary of the site. Too much time invested over the last 1 1/2 half. I did cashout for a $5 paypal, but haven’t received it yet. Seems like a lot of work for a measly $5 paypal payment that hasn’t arrived yet.

  11. IndyColts77 says:

    you can earn tons of free stuff just by searching the Internet on swagbucks. Happy Searching!

  12. innordimmisse says:

    Hi, my name is Tim. Just wanted to say hi to the forum, I been creeping around here for a while now, but tend to participate more. Looking forward to make some new friends. Ciao!


    NY, NY

  13. Trumendean says:

    Now You can earn up to 1,000 swag bucks wen u refer a friend

  14. Anonymous says:

    Help me get swagbucks im gatting 20-40 swagbucks a day

  15. Ashley says:

    Hi All! Just wanted to say i have been using Swag Bucks for over a year and it is not a scam. I have an autographed poster from Staind and an autographed DVD too. I have also “bought” Coutless giftcards and did all my christmas shopping with it! I win about 4x a day so, GO SWAGBUCKS!

  16. Salvatore says:

    The site def isn’t a scam… I’ve earned roughly ‘5’ $5 PayPal gift cards in roughly 6 months… Its nothing amazing but it certainly is nice when it adds up!

  17. Tina says:

    Swagbucks use to be a great site to earn points to get overpriced prizes, the most popular being a $5 Amazon gift card at a whopping 450 swagbucks. Since they switched to their new system, where they added a zero at the end, I have had nothing but problems with the site, Viruses, crashes,all kinds of infections. They won’t admit there is a problem cuz their site is clean (so they say). I’m looking for other sites that do not ruin my computer, yet let me earn points or bucks in a fair way. I need a site that is supportive when I encounter problems, especially if everyone else is, too. I’m DONE WITH SWAGBUCKS!!! A scam? Maybe not. Like to spend all your time fixing your computer, sign up…it’s free (well, except your time and computer repair skills).

  18. dudester353 says:

    I have been with swagbucks for about 3 years now and i can truthfully say that it is NOT A SCAM! They definitely give you the stuff that you redeem. I got about 10 hockey cards from swagbucks! it is an awesome site!

  19. George Wood says:

    I have been with Swagbucks for a few months but I like in the UK, unfortunately most of the prizes (apart from trading cards) Dont ship to the UK. It is DEFINATELY not a scam but I hope that they will update it soon.

  20. DT says:

    Swagbucks is a search and win site, not search to win. If you are doing internet searches anyway, why not get something for it? Swagbucks are awarded randomly so not every search you do wins. Awards are usually between $10-$50 swagbucks each. They also give you clues about finding hidden swagcodes that earns extra sb’s. There are numerous prizes available to cash in your swagbucks for as well as a swagstakes that allows you to buy chances for a larger prize with a smaller amount of swagbucks. It takes 450 swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon gift card. They seem to add up pretty quickly depending on how many searches you do throughout the day. There are additional tasks available that allow for more sb’s depending on how involved you choose to be. It is not a scam. You can earn a few bucks using their site. Let them add up and use them to buy things you would have needed or wanted without $$ coming out of your pocket. Its working for me!

  21. bagusrifai says:


  22. anon says:

    i’ve been a member of swagbucks for a long time now, and though i haven’t gotten anything in the mail, i can tell you that it’s definitely worth your time. because i’ve only redeemed my “swagbucks” for things like their “swagstakes” which is basically just a sweepstakes.. you give some of your points up so you can enter to win a big prize.. like an xbox 360 elite. i have yet to win one, but now i’m kind of thinking that i should just save up my points.. i’ve been on it for a little over 6 months now and i’ve probably earned over 3,000 “swagbucks”. i could have redeemed them for something like a psp, or a drumset, but decided to take my chances with the swagstakes. but it’s deffinately not a scam. there’s a kid on youtube that’s opening big ticket items every week because he’s “recruited” so many people.. but if you don’t win any points in your search, then try adding a couple words. the search engine kinds sucks, due to all the “advertisements” but if you look at the link then don’t click on the ones that say “advertisement” it’s not really hard and it’s worth it. but it’s deffinately not a scam.

  23. Barbara says:

    I have been with Swagbucks for about three months. I save up my SBs and redeem for Amazon gift cards. I’ve gotten about $100 so far. Bought diapers, wipes, and baby items with it cuz you can get almost anything on Amazon. Also bought food for the family in bulk. Helps with the little things and costs me absolutely NOTHING.

  24. Amy says:

    Now You can earn up to 1,000 swag bucks wen u refer a friend

  25. Linda says:

    Thanks for this review. I have been trying to find information about Swagbucks. I have found my answer. It’s a no go for me. I thought it sounded like a lot of work, and it is. The comments here were very helpful.

  26. Jenna says:

    I started using swag bucks a week ago and for some explination it isn’t working anymore , I cant log in I keep getting an error message. Thought it would be fun so far I huge waste of time!!!

  27. DOBIE66 says:

    I have been with swagbucks for sometime. I have accumulated about $50 in amazon gc’s and a $5 paypal (took about 3 weeks before receiving it)also have purchased small items in the swagstore such as a pair of decorated socks (for which i also won 35 swagbucks for purchasing them and uploading pic to site)They have great swagstakes that you can enter with the earned swagbucks. also when you refer friends you get swagbucks each time they win. I find that it is useful for me and something i enjoy.

  28. Dan S says:

    Definitely Legit. I have won with this site and know friends who have won as well. Its up to the user to win. I recommend this site 100% but also a lot of patience because it can be slow to award when lots of people are searching

  29. karen says:

    I have had a similar experience as tina.

    I loved swagbucks at first, but today i made a very unfortunate discovery.

    Yesterday I downloaded two free offers (this is one of several ways to earn swagbucks, aside from doing searches). The first was from GameVance and the second from Select rebates. Turns out these websites are TROJAN VIRUSES. So if you do decide to use swagbucks, and want to download any free offersm, I highly suggest searching online first to check if they are viruses or not. Or, I would stay away from the free offer sections completely. It’s really not worth the risk.

    This is what happened when I went to use my computer today:

    Most of my of applications stopped working. I lost a lot of saved files from applications such as adobe photoshop, and i could no longer use the following web browsers: IE, mozilla, and google chrome. Also, windows support doesn’t work anymore either. GRRRRR!

    If this has happened to you:

    1. open “task manager” by right clicking on the task bar. if you see the proccesses “gamevance32.exe” or “Selectrebates.exe” on the task manager list that means your computer has been infected.

    2. unplug your internet IMMEDIATELY so that the trojan virus is not allowed to steal information from your computer

    3. do a clean install of your windows operating system. this can be time consuming but this is the only way to clean your computer of the viruses and get your applications to run properly again. unfortunately there isn’t a way (at least not that i know of) to regain the lost files.

    So good luck and beware!

  30. Yboy403 says:

    Swagbucks looks like a great way to do what you do anyways and get paid. Work it out:
    A PSP costs 14000 swagbucks. If you make 100 a week, and refer 50 friends who each make, on average, 20 a day each (quite possible, btw), you’ll be working in total an hour a week. Don’t forget, that’s almost all time you’d be spending anyway. So, how long will it take to get 14000 swagbucks at that rate? At over 4000 a month, you could theoretically, if you’re good at getting referrals, earn a free psp in 4 months and have 2000 SB to spare for games. If a new PSP sells for $250, you just made $300 for 16 hours work.
    That’s getting paid over 18 bucks an hour just to use their search engine. Not bad.
    Sign up at
    If you want to be nice, go to to sign up
    so I get a referral and extra swagbucks.

  31. Bunra says:

    hi this site is sooo NOT a scam and karen I downloaded gamevance too and it does have a virus, but i just had my anti virus setting on “high” and my firewall on. It helped stop info from being sent and avast(woot) got rid of the virus.
    websites i use and are not scam: “”

  32. Lee says:

    My daughter has used SB and has earned some Amazon gift cards. I used it to order some flowers and am now having problems getting my promised points. I wouldn’t say it is a scam because they don’t ask for any credit card but wondered if it is worth the trouble.

  33. desertlover says:

    Boy, I can’t beat the last comment. She is sooo right on. The site is full of viruses since they switched over to the new “rip off” point system. I’ve used Swagbucks for a while now. It’s not a scam, but they certainly are not supportive when you get a virus from their site. All they say is “we don’t have virues, we check constantly”. And by the time they would respond, I’d had so many problems, I forgot which one I e-mailed them about. Bottom line, yeah, you can “earn” swagbucks by searching and finding codes, and eventually turn them into an Amazon gift cards (the only “gift” that I’m interested in. Don’t need highly overprices posters or baseball cards. BUT, what is the value of your time if you have to install your entire system and lose so much important data. It happened to me and I’m still trying to recover. Takes your chances!!!!

  34. Abigail says:

    I’ve used swagbucks for little more than a year and have mixed opinions on it. On one hand, it does give you SBs and it gives them rather consistently. In this past year, I have earned almost $60 USD with swagbucks for use on (They are entered into the website and everything. I even bought a book, but I’m saving the rest for now.) So swagbucks does provide prizes as they say in my experience.

    On the other hand, they made a change recently where they increased all values and prizes by 10. (So an amazon gift card that is originally 45 swagbucks, was now 450, and instead of normally winning 1 swagbucks, I win 10. They say this is so they they can award more prizes, however, I think their long term goal may be to slowly work down to lower values of SBs. I do not have any proof of this since now you can win things like 6 and 13 swagbucks, or 28.

    They have plenty of ways to gain extra swagbucks, between daily polls (gives you about 1 a day), special offers (if you skip them all, you get somewhere between 1 and 5 a day) and swagcodes. (Where you can just write in these special codes and you’ll get some extra swagbucks without doing any searches.) Referrals are the best way to get a lot of swagbucks. Every time your referral wins swagbucks (this is excluding the previously before mentioned extras) you win that exact same amount up to 1000 swagbucks. (Which is about two amazon gift cards.) However, as far as winning goes, it takes time, especially if you don’t have referrals. Used to take me two weeks, now it’s closer to a month. (Because I use it less.)

    I’ve only bought amazon gift cards on there, so I can’t say anything about their shipping or Trojans. So far as I’m concerned, Amazon gift card is the way to go. (If they ever get rid of it, I’m gone.)

    As far as it being a search engine, yeah, if you are those kind of people that don’t know how to look up things using google, you might like this. but for any serious searches, just revert back to google. The results are limited and too littered with ads to be of any help.

    If you like my review, and want to sign up, I’d appreciate it if you could sign up under me. Part of that whole referral thing. i don’t have a whole lot of them. 😉 And if I dissuaded you, well, such is life.

  35. Ahak says:

    hi all i am new user of swagbucks i never earned any swagbuck through searching. pls help how can i get swagbucks i got only 2 of them by daily poll

  36. Ideamaker says:

    From what all I’ve read, and I’ve read the entire block, it seems the site isn’t a scam, but you’d be best served by going to their website, using something like a net book, and then finding a few friends and explaining the system, which in my mind is something like a pyramid scam, so maybe in totality it is a scam.

    They harvest your information so, don’t type stupid stuff, that you don’t want known, they have a daily limit, etc.

    In the end, you can use it, and make money, but it depends on how motivated you want to be with it.

    If you go home, and want to make money on the side, of just internet surfing, get a cheap netbook, use the site, and after getting enough for a $5 gift card, use your points, don’t accumulate lots of points, so they can screw you over if they cancel your “bot” account

  37. Mike says:

    So swagbucks is diffidently not a scam, but the question is whether or not is worth it. yboy403 presented a very interesting option, but in reality that would be hard to reach. specially since the referrals have a cap of 100 swag bucks they can earn you.

    While you might not be able to buy some of the nicer prizes, winning one or two amazon giftcards is not out of the question. And if u find some of the cheaper giftcards that they offer useful, then more power to you.

    No credit card needed, no money you have to give, no spam mail(at least that i know of), easy set up, no downloading software(unless u do special offers). so u should try it out your self first.

  38. Shawn says:

    I love swagbucks. 450 points can get a $5 gift card for I have been averaging one giftcard a month.

  39. MaryJaneRich says:

    How do we know who is doing the swagstakes and the 100 swags every 30 minutes I see the same people on there all the time and the swagstakes 1 guy won twice in the same drawing. I think something is fishy and I am waisting my swagbucks on those drawings because they are rigged. Dont You?

  40. ME says:

    I am beginning to wonder………… I have been a member since Feb. The winnings were great and no problems. The last 2 months have been nothing short of aggravating. Constantly, it tells me “you could be winning if you were logged in” or when I try to access my g/c ” please log in to access info.” My thinking is, I have a red flag on my account. I have received $100 in Amazon g/c and I have enough to redeem for another $20 worth. I have contacted Customer Service and get NO WHERE. The replies are “we are working on it.” Really? It takes 2 months? Why my account? None of my referrals have troubles, YET!

    It was great while it lasted.

  41. Sethron says:

    well all i can say is: “”

    lol i could use the Referral

    as was said you need ALOT of points to get anything worth getting but hey, there is no time limit so just save em, always use it to surch, and beffor you know it you will have plenty, also there are other ways to get more points like the Referral system but its a little hard to convince people

  42. Sethron says:

    just like to add, being from the UK…this site realy is not worth the time for UK resedents as there is about 10 iteams that are available for the UK, and most of those are tradeing cards :-/
    all the good stuff just say “sorry does not ship for the UK resedents, sorry for the inconveniance” or something like that

  43. Aleks says: is my favorite online prize central and is 100% legit I have gotten an Xbox 360 and $50 worth of amazon gift cards off of it and totally enjoying the site. If you don’t know what swagbucks is keep reading.

    Swagbucks is a search engine powered by Google and Ask. When you use their search engine, you regularly receive points that can be redeemed for prizes like gift cards, clothing, video games, etc. for free.

    If you already use Google or Ask as a search engine, it is a good idea to switch to Swagbucks because it is basically the same thing except that you receive points while you are using it. Swagbucks is completely safe. It does not ask for any personal information such as your phone number or credit card number and there is no spam mail. Swagbucks (Google and Ask) gives people points and prizes in an effort to keep them as a user of their search engine.

    Here is the link to register:
    Register at ”’this”’ link and you will start off with 30 free Swagbucks!

    Just fill in the boxes to the right hand side and you’ll have your account. If you don’t want to enter your real info, that’s ok. You can change your profile information anytime for free.

    Also here is a video explaining everything you need to know about if you are still unsure about it. Wish you luck!

  44. Matt says:

    Swagbucks is honestly the best search and win site I have found. I’ve gotten so much stuff from them like 200$ in amazon gift cards and collectible items. The best part is that all you have to do is search daily – like you would everyday. For more info, here is this site I found explaining more on Swagbucks.

    Hope it helps:)

  45. swanee says:

    Just wanted to chime in and say i love swagbucks!!You would do best to go into it as not a high paying money maker but more as getting paid to do something you already do.I use there search about 4 times a day at 10 minutes max each time and almost always get a win within the first 5 minutes..I cash out $20 a month in amazon gift cards =)

  46. boobidy says:

    Swagbucks is legit. Recently got $5 Amazon gift card. All for searching things 🙂

  47. BrotherEnoch says:

    Definitely not a scam. I know many folks (online) who use the Swagbucks search engine daily. Most of them cash in for $5 Amazon GCs, personally though I cash in for $5 (US) to my paypal account. I get about $10 a month, so you won’t exactly get rich. But hey, that’s $4120 a year, right? For doing something I’d be doing anyway. Why not?

    You also get extra Swagbucks from referrals. The first 1000 Swagbucks your referral earns are matched and added to your account as well. That’s enough for $10 in Amazon cards. Good deal.

    And if you’d like to be my first referral you’ll have my eternal gratitude, lol.


  48. Swagbucks says:

    Yeah, I’m definitely going right along with all of these comments on here.. I’ve been a Swagbucks member for over a year now, and I’ve gotten some really cool stuff. I’d suggest saving up though.. So many people spend there bucks way too fast!

  49. SWAGBUCkS KiD says:

    Trust me its not a scam my neighbor received a a wii & an iPhone i even got a itunes gift card its soooo cool next im going to try & get a 360, sign up here if interested – “”

  50. CAMommaofmany says:

    I’ve used swagbucks for a year now. I’ve earned $480 in Amazon gift cards. I bought most of my kids schoolbooks last year with swagbucks prizes. Referrals are the key to racking up lots and lots of swagbucks. 🙂

  51. Scott says:

    u can win 80 dollars in 6 months in amazon gift card of checks at “” as i have and they are working on getting paypal as reward and is on 50 points to cash out which is 5 bucks and most surveys are 10 points swagbucks been with longer and only got 25 bucks amazon and take awhile give it instantly so swagbucks is a scam to me and a ripoff and waste of time

  52. DG says:

    i don’t see how you can consider this a scam…It’s not like it’s a get rich quick thing or a work-from-home deal. The concept is simple: You sign up, search for stuff, and get SB. Not every search will redeem you SB, but there are other ways to get SB. It’s basically like using the Google search engine (or any other search engine for that matter,) but in this case you have the potential of accruing Swagbucks. And this is hard because…?

    IF for some strange reason it IS a scam, then there really is no loss to you either way. If you think about it, if you were going to do a web search ANYWAY then you aren’t really wasting that much more of your time. I have yet to earn anything myself, but I do not use this quite as often as I could, but I know several people who referred this site to me, have used it for quite some time now, and have reaped the benefits. I know once I start using it more the points will keep coming. I am also affiliated with (via friend recommendation,) and I definitely like SwagBucks better because I do not have to make strange purchases or do crazy offers/surveys to earn stuff. With Swagbucks you just search, enter the occasional code, and get points. Simple as that. If you can’t handle that then don’t use it. The end.

  53. DG says:

    And another thing: If you joined this in hopes that you would get an actual paycheck or some monetary benefit then you are an idiot. It’s a rewards program..the points get you STUFF…it’s not a replacement for an actual JOB. I kinda thought that was COMMON SENSE… >.>

  54. Jody says:

    I think it’s funny people complaining about Swagbucks. How can someone complain about free money. I use it all day because I’m researching anyway. It’s like they are throwing $ at you every once in awhile for doing something you’d be doing anyway. I’ve been using SB for about a month and have $15 worth of Amazon GC’s to cash in already. For doing nothing different. Seems pretty awesome to me!

  55. Jody says:

    Forgot to mention-

    It’s not a scam…..the items in their store are silly expensive (They have to make money somehow -it’s a company)…….Soooo…..the way YOU WIN is by buying Amazon gift cards. It’s only 450 sb for $5.00 and Amazon sells EVERYTHING.

  56. Kristie says:

    Jody has it right. And honestly, it doesn’t take long to get 450SBs if you are searching every day, doing the poll every day, checking into the survey section, do a few tasks….yes it’s only 5 bucks but it’s FREE people.

  57. amshirah says:

    I have been using Swagbucks for less than a year and I am addicted to it! I normally use my SB’s for Amazon gift cards, b/c what can’t you get on Amazon?? In less than a years time, I have gotten $65 worth of Amazon cards. All for free-no strings attached! Who can complain about that? And the people that complain about the redemption rates being too high…..HELLO-IT’S FREE! How can you complain?! Anyways, I have also used my SB’s to enter “Swagstakes” which are just contests for prizes. You use your SB’d to buy entries. There are lots of them and most are really good prizes! And searching isn’t the only way to win, the best way is to sign up and refer people. B/c then, not only do you earn the SB’s for your searches, you earn the SB’s that your referrals earn as well! I haven’t one single bad thing to say about SBs! And the Swag Guy and Swag Gal are pretty darn witty….which is an added bonus! 🙂

  58. SwagBucks Tricks says:

    Ohh SwagBucks is very real..

    I personally have earned over $200 worth in Amazon Gift Cards from them.

  59. Abundant Amy! says:

    I totally agree with Jodi and Kristie!!! I’m going to check out Swagbucks and if it doesn’t interfere too much with my searching then I’m all over it! I’m ALL about ABUNDANCE. I’ve got a website I’ve run for over a year where you get to play the big money New York State lotteries (Mega Millions, Sweet Million, Powerball, Lotto) FOR FREE — no strings, no surveys, no BS. And ANYONE can play… if you can leave a comment on a ticket, then you’re in! That’s it. Normally you have to be IN New York to purchase (even online) a lottery ticket legally. Well, not so on my site. It’s legal, it’s ABUNDANT, it’s a pay-it-forward kind of deal. Jodi, Kristie and anyone else that’s into TRUE abundance (which is in your head, not in your wallet) Please leave a comment, LEND just a moment of your INTENTION that we can CREATE the reality where that ticket has won. And if not that, get in on the lotteries for FREE. It’s where your dream is on me.

  60. AmandaS says:

    Swagbucks def. isn’t a scam. I take online college courses and it actually pops up with some different searches that I don’t get from google right away. I have been a member for about 2 months and already have $60 in gift cards. So I am not using this to make money, it is just an added bonus for me since I am online searching already.

    I did have some problems with a purchase I made about earning more Swagbucks. It took over a month to credit the $$$ to my account, but it was well worth it to me.

    I was very skeptical to begin with, but I know they actually award prizes now. So if I keep up winning $25-30 gift cards in my searches for school then it is well worth it.

    Oh and I don’t have any refferals or any of that other stuff.

  61. And says:

    when swagbucks first started they werent a scam but now they are. they raised the price of everything so it really is impossible to win anything except for the really cheap crap. well you’ve been warned i used it for an entier year and only won 1000 swagbucks and i still cant really buy anything lols

  62. Sharon says:

    Swagbucks is great! In less than two weeks I earned enough for a $5 Amazon gift card and am looking forward to using it more! Wahoo!

  63. c says:

    Swagbucks is not a scam. I have claimed over 100 dollars worth this year. I usually get Amazon gift cards and buy items or MP3 downloads. Swagbucks is great.

  64. AnthemAZ says:

    Just started using Swagbucks. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I’m hoping to use my Swagbucks to cash in for either Paypal cash or maybe the Amazon giftcards.

  65. Kya says:

    Ok, so while swagbucks is definitely not a work from home type thing, it is definitely not a scam. I have personally already received 2 $15 itunes gift cards. Have fun with this.

  66. Amy says:

    I have been doing swagbucks for about 6 months. I dont believe it is a scam BUT I will not be using it anymore because as soon as I downloaded the toolbar It gave me more viruses then swagbucks. Also today (8/3/2010) they had a incident were alot of people had their personal information (mailing addresses, email addresses, and full name) given to other users. this has only happened once to me but once is more then enough.

  67. vinman422 says:

    I’ve purchased via their site and not credited. I emailed them now 3 times and never get a response. They are poor!

  68. Michael says:

    Swag Bucks is a Scam

    I participated in several offers. Within the offer description it states that the swagbucks are awarded immediately. I waited 7 days and my account never received credit. I sent a email inquiry and I did not receive a response for two weeks. Once my inquires were addressed I received lame excuses like clean out your cookies and remove your browser history. These are not valid reasons why my account did not receive credit. I submitted the email confirmations of the offers and the offer ID numbers to prove the offers were legitimately completed and still my account has not been properly credited. I have since learned from lots of other members that participate in the site to stay far away from the special offers because you never receive the swagbucks to your account. This repeated pattern of behavior is fraud. Swagbucks is a sham. This site receives a nice referral fee from these companies for guiding people to these special offers but for Swag Bucks to not properly credit accounts for offers that were legitimately completed is foul. Beware of the special offers with Swag Bucks.

    Oh, that 450 swagbucks you need to receive a $5 Amazon gift card it is more like 500 to 520 swagbucks is needed to redeem the gift card. If you have 450 the system will not allow you to cash in to receive the gift card. Yeah, this website is foul.

  69. Terry Shiels says:

    i can say personally that swagbucks is a fucking scam, i purchased a plant a tree card from them only to find out the plant a tree card didnt work

  70. lisa says:

    i tried to redeem some swagbucks for a prize and i never got the prize. i can’t get their customer service to respond to my emails because they are all generated by a bot. so i just emailed their advertising department today. hopefully i get a real person. so i say it is a SCAM so far. yes it lets me earn points for doing stuff, like joining clubs with membership fees and then when i try to use my swag bucks that i earned from joining those clubs it won’t redeem them. hmmmmm sounds like a SCAM to me!

  71. Jessica says:

    All I hear are praises about Swag Bucks, but to me, it’s a waist of time. The amount of “bucks” you earn are so insignificant… you don’t earn them every time you do searches, it’s completely random. I’ve been doing it for about six months and had only earned just over 500 swag bucks, which basically is NOTHING. For 150 SB, I ordered what was listed as “a Pokemon Trading Card Game DECK” and what I received in the mail was ONE card, and it was an old, worthless card at that! Scam, no, but definitely misleading.

  72. Carlye says:

    I have been using swagbucks for, oh…. maybe 8 or 9 months. My favorite prize is the $5 Amazon gift card. It costs 450 swagbucks, which with the 3 referrals that I have & my searches, takes me about a week or so to earn. When my gift cards are posted, I save them up at Amazon until I have enough to buy what I want. At first I kept waiting for a catch, like I had to pay shipping or they would only apply to 1/2 of my order or something, but its legit. I have had many packages arrive at my house, costing me only the time that I would have already been sitting on my butt doing internet searches. I love swagbucks. They provide me with my mad money.

    Some of the offers are ridiculous & I usually don’t even mess with them, but I recently needed new insurance & did the online quote offer that they have & earned my 400-some swagbucks almost immediately & did get a great deal on new insurance.

  73. Lizzy says:

    Swagbucks is not a scam. I’ve received prizes from them. You earn swagbucks by signing up for free offers or referring friends. My advice is to make an email account just for swagbucks because the free offers will spam up your email like you wouldn’t believe. I’m trying to save up for a wii fit right now. Please use my referral link if you decide to sign up.


  74. Dave says:

    Oh swagbucks is definitely real! I have personally earned over $300 from them in just a few months. My only investment was a bit of my time and the electric bill while I was online.

  75. Max says:

    I’ve been using it for a few days and have around 200 points. I’m pretty sure it’s not a scam, but it seems like it will take a while to get anything worthwhile. I guess it’s worth it cause it’s free though.

  76. v00d00 says:

    The site is definately legit. I’ve been a member for one month now, and already claimed 3x $5 Amazon gift cards (almost enough for 4, would have had it already but I entered some Swagstakes). That is with only 2 active referrals.

    A referral will give you equal SB to what they earn from searches only – max 1000SB / referral. Which means if you want to continue getting referral SB, you need to get new referrals every few months (depending on the amount of referrals you are trying to maintain).

    In the USA, remember that prize values still have to be claimed on your taxes:
    “,,id=102552,00.html” (1099-MISC) ($600 or more)
    Also read: “” (Section 8 – Prizes), which also mentions taxes and the 1099 form. I am not a tax professional, so be sure to contact one yourself to be sure the tax man leaves you alone.

    In Canada, prize values are exempt from taxes (again, contact a tax professional yourself – regions may differ) due to the skill testing question (when you sign up, and if you win a contest) and due to the ability to enter contests free by mail.

  77. cami says:

    I think they are a bunch of crooks. my friends and i use a public computer and they deactivated us just as we won and were about to win cards. we all live in the same community and there was a notice about swagbucks on the bulliten board. I took it off and dropped it in the garbage and I am making it a point to go to all neighboring communities and removing them there as well.

  78. ))(( says:

    This website is amazing. I don’t see why people say that it is a scam and people barely put any time into this stuff. Once I reffered my friend and he got me 30 SB but then after about 2 days in, he stopped using swagbucks. People are not patient using swagbucks, they say that the cost of things are a lot but hey, that’s the only way they can make money.

  79. Arjav says:

    swagbucks is NOT a scam. I just got a 5 dollar amazon gift card from swagbucks, which i used to get a pokemon card(yes, i’m a kid)! So sing up now with this link and you’ll get 30 swagbucks to start with:


  80. zansip says:

    So NOT a scam. As for Cami above, I can understand your frustration, but if you had read their terms you cannot use a public computer. That is for them to protect themselves. In just under 4 months I have received $155. in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks. Yes, you can refer people for extra bucks but do not have to. I have earned 35 from searching, 40 from referrals, and 50 from offers without downloads. The special offers are from third parties and I do not recommend downloading, but Swagbucks itself has NO viruses or spam that I have ever seen. You currently get 30 bucks just for signing up..try it for yourself

  81. Genus says: – a UK P.O.V

    I’m afraid I have to reiterate what other UK users have said, Swagbucks is better served as a pyramid scheme style reward service for those in the U.S. Though UK users can sign up, the level of prizes that ship to the UK is low and does not vary.

    When you do see the odd thing you’d like you realise that this will be a long game. A simple amazon gift card costs you 450 swag bucks which is unreasonable, worse still any products or skincare/perfume easily cost over 2000 swagbucks. The amount for the prizes does not match the amount you would win daily or monthly. Forget about winning an iphone or xbox. Those are carrots to make you sign up and search with their engine (which is average) or those prizes will be in the swagstakes(like sweepstakes) where you can bet a certain amount of your swagbucks to try and win a prize. They probably gain loads of bucks back on this from gullible users.

    In a week I only have 187 swagbucks and whenever I win swagbucks I only gain 12 or 10 or 9. This happens maybe twice a day, morning and then evening. It is completely random and irregular. Occasionally the swagguy (who hosts the blog and their social media) will give you a code to win some swagbucks on their twitter or blog page. These are good but the codes have a time on them. If you miss the hours that it is open then you don’t get any bucks. You can also answer surveys for bigger swagbucks. Unfortunately, the survey is heavily vetted and depending on your answers, you may be deemed ineligble to take part in a survey.

    While it is free to join, requires minimal effort but tons of patience, swagbucks is not going to see the delivery man at your door every week with prizes and it will take you a long time to earn enough swagbucks to use for anything relevant. Most recommend sticking to gift cards. I estimate that in one month a normal net user who only visits a small selection of sites daily would earn one amazon card.

    You have to decide whether you want to go to the bother of using their search engine and doing all the little extras to maybe in one month earn a worthy prize. I’d advise against swagstaking. You won’t get anything faster.

    Things you can win from the UK:

    -An awful lot of baseball cards – baseball is not popular in the UK, these are pointless and require a lot of Swagbucks to redeem.
    -One item of jewellery – need a ton of swagbucks for a beaded bracelet. May as well head to Topshop for an alternative as it’d take a whopping 1600+ swagbucks to get this.
    -Pointless wallpapers and backgrounds which are not prizes at all but require 10 swagbucks which are not that easy to earn.

  82. Matt says:

    I love this website, i use it to get 5 dollars in my paypal and i get it just by searching like google and i got $5 in 2 weeks just by changing the browser. Heres a link to the website:”″

  83. Darren Weeks says:

    I can tell you that this isn’t a scam. They really do reward you.

    I usually cash in my Swag Bucks with a purchase of a $5 Amazon card. It doesn’t really take very long to get the 450 swag bucks needed to purchase a $5 Amazon card. I’m up to my 9th Amazon gift card. That’s $45 that I didn’t have before — all for just searching on their website.

    I’m eventually planning on using my Amazon account balance to buy one of those laptop netbooks — all with gift cards that I bought with Swag Bucks.

    You can sign up using this address:


  84. Sasha DarkCloud says:

    I have been using Swagbucks for a week now. I can tell that they are not wanting to really give their users a fair shot at this stuff.

    For one thing, I try to check out every part of their rewarding process. The way you can earn is checking out the offers they have, the toolbar, the daily poll. That is 3 swagbucks a day. At least it is a guarantee so that is not so bad.

    They also give away swag codes that are 5 points, but you have to make sure that you get those codes entered on time and correctly otherwise you get nothing. And swagbucks posts one of those a day. So so far we have about 8.

    For searches, I get at least 6 swag bucks a day from one search. Some days I only get two wins and the most I have won from that so far is 11 swag bucks, but I have won the 11 swag bucks multiple times as well as 10. One day I was lucky and won on the searches 3 times. so, even if you only get one 6 that is 14 swag bucks.

    Also in cause you guys don’t know, you can also take surveys. I think they give you a point for viewing the survey page once per day, but I am not sure. So right there, a possible 15. Then, if you look at the profiles you will see a list of profile survey things all worth at least 5 a pop. Granted, you can’t rely on these but it really helps to get you started.

    So far in the week that I have played, not counting the free 30 they gave me I have made 250 swag bucks. Will I always get that much every week? Probably not. I am doing this while I work on Mturks (cause I answer questions for 3 cents a pop on my free time), Take surveys on Opinion Outpost (Which has to be the best online survey company in the world cause they really do pay you and quickly), and listen to an online radio station that gives away prizes for listening. So really, I am just doing this for a little bit extra stuff that if I get, I get. If I don’t, I don’t. I am goofing off on the internet anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

    There are two things I am gonna warn you about though as I did my own investigating.

    Never turn in a cell phone or a video gaming console to them. Cause I looked at what they give you for a gaming console. For example, the Wii. They give you 4,800 swag bucks for a working wii with everything included. Even if you got the best price (amazon gift card), that is only $50 for your used Wii. Where as if you tried to sell it on ebay, you could make $100 considering they retail for $250.

    I also have a sinking feeling that the used Wiis they are getting are what you spend your big swagbucks for. Granted, they are going to look them over and not give you a non-working POS. Though I have no proof of this.

    Second, some of those offers that they have for you are scams. They have one up for a company called Vendell research, which is a major scam. And with the responses I have seen on here, odds are swag will not do anything about it. I would also refrain from downloading anything onto your computer cause that is the perfect way to lose everything on your computer.

    So even though it will take longer, stick to the searches, the daily poll, visiting but not signing up for the offers, the trusted surveys visiting, referral system, and if you want to spend some cash, maybe go shopping. I don’t know if that system really gives you the bucks promised, but it is worth a shot.

    If you are doing this for a really quick buck… you are gonna have to elsewhere. If you just want some small little freebies while working on other things, then this is a good “wasting time” activity.

    Now if you feel inclined to help someone who will tell it to you like it is:


    and just because I am nice and I will get nothing from this one:


  85. matt says:

    iwon ipod using swagbuks
    search and win.. sign up link

  86. Jessica says:

    This is a really good answer!

    I will consequently share my experience when I signed up with SwagBucks and got over 100 swag-bucks the 1st day (just signed up using: “” ) which gave me 35 points, and used it for searches, polls, and swag code! 🙂

    Best of luck to everybody out there!

  87. Michelle says:

    swagbucks isn’t a scam and I love it. I’d say the best prize they have is the $5 amazon card. They don’t “cost” much in swagbucks and you can combine them to eventually purchase something you want off of amazon, which sells almost everything.

  88. Brad says:

    Last night they had the new IPOD Nano’s for only 1000 swag bucks!! I snagge one and it says my order is verified…so we will see!!!

  89. Rick Lawn says:

    SwagBucks is not a scam at all. Im getting a $5 amazon gift cards every week now. Another good site is Irazoo, where you do about the same thing as Swagbucks. You just search and get points. Ive only gotten one amazon gift card from irazoo so far, but i started like a two weeks ago. here are some links to the sites to sign up. Just copy past them.



  90. shae says:

    I love it, all I have to do is use the swag tool bar to search for the sites I go to anyways in the last month I’ve recieved $20 in paypal giftcards. I don’t ever sign up for any offers and it not required, no virus attatched to my computer, its like free stuff for doing what I do anyways.

  91. steven says:

    The look on my parents face when the video game (MW2) I was angling for appeared in the mail one day with my name on it sums up how cool the site is. It took me about 4 months to collect enough swagbucks (by both searching and refering friends) to earn enough swagbucks for 60$ amazon credit. If anyone else is considering joining, make sure you refer friends and spend your bucks on amazon gift cards because they are very cheap. For only a few clicks a day to get great rewards its definetly worth checking out. If your interested in joining, you can sign up with this link: “”

    enjoy the free stuff 😀

  92. ashely says:

    swagbucks is awesome! i have 45 dollars in amazon gift cards now after just 2 months! give t a try!


  93. Megan says:

    I have been searching on Swagbucks for two weeks and haven’t earned any points yet. i don’t understand how other people can earn so many points. If there is some kind of trick please let me know. It’s getting extremely frustrating.

  94. Lauren says:

    Well i can attest that Swagbucks is definitely not a scam. I have been using it for about 6 months now and I usually use them for gift certificates. To date, I have earned $75 in gift certificates and i print them from the website and they work just fine.
    My advice is to use the search engine like you would any other and think of the swagbucks as just a bonus. Another way is to refer friends (up to 1,000 SB per friend) and complete the special offers. Good luck =]

  95. Nate says:

    I just signed up for swagbucks, and based on the reviews here it’s a great online business. Though I am yet to order anything 🙂

  96. kwame says:

    it is a really great site, ive made over 50 dollars in pay pal cards after little over a month, here’s a link to the site if you want to join up!

  97. John says:

    SwagBucks is not a scam and has no virus. I redeem a $5 amazon gift cards almost every week now. You just search and get points.

    Here is a link to sign up. Just copy and past this link in your browser’s address bar.


  98. Piper says:

    Swagbucks is awesome, I get paid and get stuff by mail, they are 100% legit and have been checked out by the BBB (better business bureau) I love them. Also if you would like to learn more click on my name above my post here and visit my web site to learn more, I also have tons of free stuff. Plus you can listen to me sing!!!

  99. swagernut says:

    Are You Stupid? Ive Used This Site For YEars And Have Claimed Multiple Prizes Including Video Games, Trading Cards And T-shirts! Ive Also Tried The Swagstakes And Even Though I Dont Win Them Often Im really Close To Winning A New Ipod Nano 6th Gen

  100. Tenpe says:

    The 90s called; they want their MLM scheme back.
    This may be legit, but like all multi-level marketing schemes the effort to earn rewards far outweighs the rewards. Notice how many commentators are pathetically begging for referrals? That is what you will have to do to win significant points.

    If you don’t mind prostituting yourself and wasting time on an ad filled, watered-down version of Google, by all means join up. I have better things to do.

  101. skyler says:

    Yeah I feel like the trick to win anything of significant value is to gain multiple referrals and hope those people all search like crazy so you can collect their points as well- sure wish I made more friends when I was in college! I can see the “pyramid scam” at work there- but it’s not like your referrals don’t also get their points too. Beyond that- the reachable items (unless you win a ‘swagstakes’) are sportscards, posters, and other randoms. So unless you honestly can get the referrals don’t plan on getting that Xbox 360 in the mail anytime soon.(i was duped in via a youtube clip- so make a “here is what I got via swagbucks clip and post to youtube w/ a link)

    for me- being a big sports card collector it’s pretty easy way to hand pick my favorite players and get a free card in about a weeks time. Sure beats buying pack after pack looking for those rookie cards.

  102. Les says:

    SWAGBUCKS is great if you want to earn ONLY by searching, and referring others. You can earn points rather quickly – and I agree with others that the amazon credits are the only thing worthwhile to purchase (unless you want to save up for the really big prizes… but I’m too impatient).

    But, PLEASE LISTEN: Do NOT do the things where you download applications or sign up for free or cheap offers. My laptop is now riddled with viruses… and I’ve had at least $30 fraudulently charged to my credit card. When you’re having scam sites charge your credit card monthly, who cares how many swagbucks you earn?

    If you want to sign up for searches ONLY!!!, you can use my referral link, and help me out.

  103. PT says:

    I have been using Swagbucks since March 2010 and have earned enough points for five (5) Amazon $5 gift cards. That’s an average of one GC every 1.5 months just for searching the web which I do anyways but now I do it using Swagbucks as my search engine. I only do a couple of searches in the morning and a couple in the evening (less than 10 a day). For a few minutes of time, I’m earning points on a daily basis so it’s a Win-Win. Win points, win prizes, and it’s free to sign up. I’ve recently started using Blingo (a Publishers Clearing House company) and Irazoo as well but the jury is still out on those.

    Sign-up links:

    Swagbucks – Earn points by searching the web, shopping, Polls, watch videos, special offers, trade-ins, and more. They do a lot of fun stuff too like trivia and hunting for hidden bonus codes.


    Blingo – Each search (up to 25 per day) is a chance to win great prizes instantly. Each day Blingo’s prize program chooses a bunch of winning times (usually several per hour). The first person to search after a winning time wins the prize.


    Irazoo – Earn points by searching the web, plus you can help iRazoo give better search results and earn points by voting and/or commenting on websites.


  104. bjolly says:

    My wife and I use Swagbucks all of the time, and we have purchased several Amazon Gift Cards. We’ve saved a lot of money by doing this! It’s become more difficult to win Swagbucks lately, but I will continue to use Swagbucks… It is very helpful!!

  105. Honest Swagbucks Strategies says:

    I can also confirm that it’s not a scam. In fact, I created a blog to share my insights during my journey with Swagbucks, and I share current strategies to earn swag bucks easily and quickly. Check it out and let me know what you think by commenting on my blog. Enjoy!

  106. Honest Swagbucks Strategies says:

    Oh. I forgot to add that I’ve already redeemed and received $10 worth of Amazon gift cards since I joined about one month ago. Thank you, Swagbucks!

  107. Honest Swagbucks Strategies says:

    I can confirm that Swagbucks is legit. I joined a little over a month ago and have redeemed and received $10 in Amazon gift cards. In fact, I started a blog to share my journey with Swagbucks and to share insights and strategies. Check it out and let me know what you think by commenting at my blog.

  108. Steven says:

    Swagbucks is definitely a legit website. You get paid just to use their search engine, does google do that? I’ve also earned 2 $15.00 itunes gift cards just by using their search engine a few times a day in under a months time. This site is well worth it and never asks for personal information.

    Here is the Link to sign up with swagbucks.


  109. Ashleigh says:

    Swagbucks is 100% NOT a scam. I’ve gotten $5 paypal deposits from them, and amazon gift cards (lots of those) becuase the swagbuck value for them are only 400 or 700 (SO easy to get swagbucks! It’s FUN, and the group on the facebook page are helpful and we share tips with each other. I’m not sure HOW TSG can afford to send out money and gift cards like this for us just playin around lol, but I love that he can. This site’s my favorite 🙂

  110. Amy says:

    Love Love Love swagbucks!!! Been a member since around January 2010 and have won enough for 23 $5.00 amazon gift cards. If you do the calculations the amazon gift card is the best deal. It takes 10 -14 days for the gift card code to be delivered into you email so you don’t even have to wait for the mail. I am a stay at home mom so it makes an easy way to earn money to buy hubby a gift for Christmas or birthday. Granted it’s not a ton of money but i don’t invest a lot of time in it either. I just use the search engine and find some of the hidden codes. The search engine isn’t the best but not bad at all. I try searching everyhing through swagbucks if I win then great if not and the site I am looking for doesn’t appear the I research through google. It has never asked for any personal info except for name and address. I have never had any problems with viruses as previously mentioned. It is kinda fun searching for codes and exciting winning bucks. They will cancel your account but only for posting active codes or using bad language which I like because my kids help me. You can also earn from referrals, they will match your referrals search earning up to 1000 which comes in handy. If anyone is interested in joining here is my link Goodluck!!! “”

  111. Judith says:

    I had over 200 bucks and I came across a ‘Special Offer’ to join Discover card and this brought my bucks up to 2939. First, swagbucks said they had no confirmation that I joined and Discover CS never heard of swagbucks. I sent swagbucks the confirmation and got my bucks. About 4 days later, I noticed my swagbucks’ toolbar had disappeared. When I tried to get on swagbucks, they wouldn’s accept my login. Emailed them about my problems and they responded that I broke their rules by opening multiple accounts. Told them I wouldn’t even know how to do this and this is not my style. Ask them for info on the so-called multiple accounts and to get my 2939 points back. Swagbucks sent back a terse email more or less saying ‘no way’ and said this was their last email to me. This is just a warning to all who are thinking about using Swagbucks.

  112. PirateJosh says:

    SwagBucks IS NOT A SCAM! I just redeemed some stickers to put on my guitar and it worked just fine. The only reason you people get a virus on your computer is because 1) you dont have your firewall turned on 2) you go to websites that have viruses on them 3) you do the special offers to get points when they are usually viruses: before you get on any website you should read a few reviews on the site to make sure its not a scam or virus. do not download anything withot reading a review on it first. if you wanna join swagbucks just go on the site and register.

  113. valerie says:


  114. Cher22 says:

    I love swagbucks, I have been on less than 2 months and I have been rewarded with enough swagbucks to trade in for $50 in amazon gift cards. It helped with Christmas shopping!

    Here is my swagbucks link:


  115. Don says:

    If you think it’s a waste of time, you’re only kidding yourself in all honesty. Though I don’t do much on I’ve gotten a lot of stuff on other sites that are more or less child sites of If you really want to get anything of value you’re gonna need lots and lots of referrals, and you need to target the right audience. I’ve been doing this for a little less than a year and I’ve gotten well over 400 referrals and somewhere around 600 dollars of free stuff (with 200 more if I wanted to cash out right now). So my advice is find a child site (I think they pay out a lot better than swagbucks itself) and then target people specific to the site, and make ’em believe that it’s legit because people have a natural inclination to shy away from things of this nature unless they know most everything upfront. So, no scam at all and the people that are disgruntled just don’t know how to maximize their time and effort to take advantage of this opportunity.

  116. luvforever says:

    Certainly not a scam, but not really good for “work at home”. I get one once or twice a day and search till I earn swag bucks and average about one 5 dollar gift card to amazon a month. It’s worth it to me, since it’s free. You can also earn swag bucks doing additional things like surveys and by shopping through their special offers (like many other rewards programs).

  117. Jarrett says:

    Swagbucks is NOT a scam, i get $25.00 a month in amazon gift cards on a monthly basis.
    If you want to talk about scams lets talk about Irazoo.

  118. Justin says:

    I thought I would post this to help some people earn money through a place called PeopleString. It is different than swagbucks, but you recieve payments in cash instead of redeeming the points like you do at swagbucks. Now you are not going to earn a whole lot by using this, but it will give you a small income for using its website. It is a social networking site like facebook and myspace in which you get paid to use it. It is free to join and you can quit if you don’t like it.

    There are a lot of scam websites out there, but this is legit. You can look up reviews yourself if you think it is fake.

    Copy and paste this URL into your address bar: “”

  119. April says:

    I have had SB for a few months now & have gotten about $30 in Amazon giftcards so far plus a few other items from the store. It is not a scam! I am using my giftcards to purchase homeschooling books from Amazon! So, it is worth it to me!!!

  120. lorenzo says:

    its def not a scam i won an ipod touch

    sign up here:

  121. apple says:

    I have SB for two months now & have gotten about $25 Amazon giftcards . It is not a scam!
    If you want to try and also want to help me to get more gift cards,please sing up here: (thanks)


  122. Shilowe says:

    I joined Swagbucks, earned a bunch of points, went to visit my Uncle and logged in at his house and they deactivated me and took all my points. I emailed and explained that I didn’t do anything wrong, I just logged in at my Uncle’s house. They just sent an email saying their decision was final. That’s it. Like they didn’t even read my email and certainly didn’t care to resolve my issue. Swagbucks is heinous. I had over 2000 points that I lost and I did nothing wrong. They accused me of something I didn’t do and they don’t care.

  123. Pangu says:

    I joined swagbucks to earn amazon gift cards in order to trim some cost off my text books. When I tried to redeem my bucks, my account was deactivated. This is the email I got after questioning swagbucks about the matter…
    I wasn’t trying cheat anyone, and I do not have duplicate accounts. I find this approach to customer service disgraceful…

    Dear ___,
    After re-reviewing your account, it has been determined that you were deactivated because you either are operating multiple accounts and/or have multiple referred accounts stemming from one household. This action violates our terms and conditions. Due to past experiences, we only allow one account per person and per household to protect our Swagbucks Community and itself from cheaters and potential fraud activity.
    You can review our FAQ to see more such policies: “” We apologize for any misunderstanding. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
    **Please keep in mind that your case is officially closed and this will be a final resolution to this issue. No other response will be provided.**
    Sincerely, Adrian
    Swag Bucks

  124. Ruby says:

    I have just started with Swagbucks (SB) five days ago and I already have 541 swagbucks. That is enough for a $5 Amazon gift card (450 are needed) with some left over. If you would like to be able to do the same, and help me out, I would really appreciate it, please sign up here:

  125. Tb says:

    It amazes me that people associate the word scam with a site they receive free items from just for searching. If there is no money being taken there is no scam. I know the owners of the site and they are some of the most genuine and ethical individuals I have ever worked with. It is absolutely 100% not in any way a scam.

  126. SwagBucks says:

    SwagBucks is definitely not a scam. Personally I’ve made close to $400 out from it and on average, most people earn over $150 in a few months time.

  127. Jo says:

    I’ve been a member for about 4 months and redeem my swagbucks for $5 at paypal. I’ve gotten $45 so far. You don’t win SB everytime you search, that’s misleading, but they don’t claim it, people who talk about it claim it. I only do the daily polls, NOSO, and survey clicks, I don’t particiate with tweeting or facebook or the swagstakes sweepstakes. I don’t think most people make $150 a month. ICOCBW.

  128. Hunter says:

    By the way, can you get a MacBook air? Because I am dying to get one!!!!!!!

  129. Rickscreams says:

    I didnt think it was real till I got my Iphone. I just got a paypal card to just gotta wait another day or 2 for it to go into my paypal then I am gonna see if I can make money gambling. Anyways who care what I’m gonna do lol. I have a link here that will start you off with 30 free swagbucks


  130. Chris says:

    At first I tried out a site called Lockerz. When I discovered the Lockerz no longer shipped to Canada, someone suggested Swagbucks to me, and it really works! In three days, I’ve already gained 250 swag bucks just by using their search engine and watching videos! Can you guys please help my out? All you have to do is sign up under this link: “” Thanks a ton!

  131. SwagBucksQuestion says:

    I dont get it. I signed up. Im using the search engine.

    How does the point system work? Do you get points for every link yu click? Or is it certain links? Do yu even have to click on a link? And once on the new website do yu go back to check if yu got swagbucks?

  132. Frugallibra says:

    It absolutely works! Doing just regular searching, I used to earn about 1 or 2 $5 Amazon Gift Cards a month. Now I do surveys and other offers occasionally and have earned $50 in Amazon Gift Cards this month. Feel free to sign up under me and add me as a friend. I will help you out with whatever you need to get started.

  133. ryan says:

    swagbucks DOES WORK
    i have earned $30 in amazon gift cards which I used on 2,000 bbs knee pads and a smart charger
    ways to earn and swaagbucks values
    searching up to 50 per search
    codes up to 50
    daily polls 1 just for visiting every day
    trusted surveys 1 just for visiting every day
    noso 2 just for visiting every day
    and much much more
    so what are you waiting for sign up below 🙂

  134. Steve says:

    yes its real. the best way to earn is to invite your friends then you earn what they earn as well. please register with my link so i can earn more! and then make sure you have everyone register under your link! any questions just ask



  135. Ed says:

    This so not a scam. I used some SB’s to donate aid to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. You can too if you sign up and do watch you normally do, which is search the web. Use my referal link so we both can earn more to send to victims of natural disasters. “Thank-you. referal link is “”

  136. youknowwho says:

    Swagbucks is totally legitimate i’ve already recieved a 5 dollar amazon gift card. You probably can’t make a living off of it but you’ll get some extra money.


    Above is my referral. You can put that in the url place and sign up for swagbucks or use somebody else’s it doesn’t matter.

  137. CCC says:

    I’ve been using SB for a month. You have to do a lot of things to earn enough SB to get something you want. I have found that you spend more time doing this when I can be doing something more productive. Also, I have only done free things and have provided my phone number in some things. Well my phone number has been sold to marketing companies and now I’m getting a lot of solicitation calls. I think I’m going to walk away from SB. Though I do believe they are legit, I think they are making more money off of us with the info we provide than what we get in return.

  138. savy says:

    What? SwagBucks is NOT a scam. You do simple tasks like using the search engine, play games, vote on the poll, watch videos, or take surveys which earns you swagbucks. I’ve already earned $5 that went into my PayPal account and a $10 gift card for Barnes & Noble which I have spent. I also donated some of my SB to the tsunami relief fund. It is REALLY difficult to get expensive prizes like an iPod or PS3 system. You will probably spend a year or two saving points for items that costly. But anyways, it makes sense to me to restrict registration to English speaking countries. They don’t have to worry about translating the website and probably save a lot on shipping fees. I don’t know, that’s just the U.S. way of thinking I guess…

  139. savy says:

    ALSO, if you do their special offers, DON’T download anything. I repeat, DON’T download. That is how you get viruses, downloading software from third party websites. The swagbucks website itself is free and will not give you any viruses, but some of the third party websites are faulty. Just don’t download anything. Anyone with a computer should know that every website can’t be trusted, but to this day people are STILL completely ignorant and end up downloading viruses. It’s your own fault if you do so.

  140. Leaf says:

    Swagbucks is making some money off the searches, but I think the money is mainly coming from the advertisements.

  141. swagbucks says:

    Swagbucks is totally legitimate i’ve already recieved a 5 dollar amazon gift card. You probably can’t make a living off of it but you’ll get some extra money.


  142. SwagBucks leaks your email address says:

    I signed up with a unique email for swagbucks (swagbucks@ my domain name) and have received 2249 emails to this address, a handful of these are from swagbucks, the rest are from spammers.

    I don’t know if they are selling your email, or if they are just sloppy and the can spider for them – but I only used this email for this sight. And the only offer I did on the site was with tippr (who I assume is legit since they ar e competing with groupon)

  143. clonetrooper says:

    Swagbucks has a lot of offers. a 5$ amazon gift card requires 450 swagbucks. Watching around 10 videos (10 – 15 minutes) will earn you 2 or 3 swagbucks. Don’t do the surveys. There are many pop up windows that take you from offer to offer with no end in sight. You can install a search bar and search the web. The lottery process rewards you a few swag bucks every few searches. It probably takes more electricity in running your computer than the rewards. Easier to make money playing MMO, WoW, LoL, etc.

  144. George says:

    Swagbucks may in fact be trusted! It’s risk free! You should try it! It doesn’t ask for billing information which scam sites usually do. I’m new to it but I’ve recently won a $5 cash PayPal gift card from doing the activities they offer. sign up with this link! Happy Swagging! “”

  145. Misty says:

    Just want to be one more voice in the “it’s legit” chorus. I’ve been using it for awhile, and while I don’t earn points quickly due to not doing a lot of the available methods for earning, I have earned enough points since joining to get about $50 worth in Amazon gift certificates, all of which I’ve been able to redeem on Amazon with no troubles at all. Yeah, some of the items you can redeem for are pretty hard to get, but when you’re basically getting a PS3 for free do you really expect it to be easy? If you want something along those lines you have to be willing to work for it. Otherwise just go for the gift cards and get some good used stuff on Amazon or something.

  146. Donna says:

    I have been a member of Swagbucks since the first part of February 2011. Since I joined, I have made over 250.00 in amazon gift cards. They are definitely legitimate. As far as viruses or malware, if you do the special offers, be aware that it is NOT Swagbucks that is putting the links out there.. It is the special offers companies (Gambit, RadiumOne, SuperRewards, etc).

    You get swagbucks for searching (usually 2-3 times a day, you get your ‘dailies’ which are 6 swagbucks that you get every day for doing a poll, clicking on the survey link and a few other things, you can get referrals that will pay up to 1000 of each referral’s search wins to your account as well, you can do special offers, surveys, tasks, watch videos, and more.

    Swagbucks is awesome.. I bought all of my husband’s birthday gifts with Amazon gift cards that I got through Swagbucks and I plan to do all of my Christmas shopping this way as well!
    if you want to join, my referral link is “”
    Enjoy 🙂

  147. Allen says:

    Swagbucks is the real thing. The only warning, as mentioned in earlier posts, is to be careful with the NOSO’s (No Obligation Special Offers). Sometimes they don’t credit. Searching and videos are the best way to get points. Use this link to join: “”

  148. Chad says:

    I’ve been using Swagbucks since the beginning of May 2011. There are 4 easy points you can get every day in less than 2 minutes. Then search quickly every morning, noon and evening and you will probably get another 21 points or more with just about five minutes apiece in searching. You can check the special offer section but I stay away from paying for anything or downloading anything. I usually don’t mind setting up a spam email box and signing up for newsletters for points. Sometimes submitting information for points is ok but you can make 25 to 30 points everyday no problem. I’ve made $20 in Amazon gift cards in one month. Not too bad for maybe 20 minutes worth of work throughout a day. Come join me I’ll help anyone who needs it!


  149. Mark says:

    I started using Swagbucks about a month ago, and have already made $60.00 in amazon gift cards. There are tons of other prizes as well, but i tend to go for the gift cards as i can get anything i want with them.

    There are many ways to earn swagbucks, including searching, which requires a bit of luck, watching videos, playing games, doing polls, filling out surveys, and many others.

    If you’re interested in joining, please sign up through my referral link:


  150. Joe says:

    This is another site where you can make money the same way, in fact I just got a check in the mail for $137.57. The link below is my referral link.

  151. catherine says:

    It is not a scam but the number of swagbucks required to get an i phone or a t.v. arenear impossible. but if you aim at low priced prizes you can gaim alot. In a month I’ve pocketed two amazon gift cardsm one for $10, and the other $5 and I’m going for a third

  152. jay says:

    Swagbucks is not a scam from my experiences to date. But, whenever i try to do a trusted survey i never qualify. This gets very frustrating at times.

  153. Selina says:

    I have been using SwagBucks for 10 months, and I can promise it is not a scam! I have earned over $75 in gift cards to I only buy the $5 gift cards, because they seem to be the best value (450 SB for the $5 gift card).

    But beyond just earning the gift codes, I have actually spent them at – proving without a doubt that you earn real gift codes, that can actually be redeemed.

    Aside from online gift cards/codes, there is a lot of useless junk, yes. Playing cards, posters, random junk that your kids might like, etc.

    And other than the 6 points you can earn daily (just by having the toolbar installed, voting in the poll, etc.) you earn random SB for searching, and there are also Surveys, Online Tasks, and Special Offers you can do to earn extra points. They also have a Trade-In program. I earned 667 swagbucks for mailing in 4 of my old books. There are lots of ways to earn the the SB, and if you’re dedicated to earning big – you totally can!

  154. phyls esp says:

    Dear Sir:

    Below is a copy of the email you sent my grandson….who does not know how to scam you or your Swagbucks…..and who has gotten many others to join your web site. It is a crying shame that you have taken his hard earned points away, points he earned from watching your stupid, inane videos and going thru all those horrid questionnaires and surveys!

    Here is a young man, a new American Citizen, having mastered the English language in a year…..! He works at one office, does the SWAG, he babysits at another home and does the SWAG when kids are sleeping, and he has a home that has another computer, where he does SWAGs… this going against your SWAGS company? I too did SWAGS at the office, and later at my home…..but not anymore….you did the young man wrong, and I am going to tell all my referrals to SWAG to be careful, they could get treated like Bill!

    And you pull this dirty stunt on him! Give him back his bucks please.

    Sincerely, Phyls

    PS…and he continues to work the Swags, as he wants an ipod, psp etc……so are you going to take his bucks away again when he reaches the 10,000 bucks again?

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Adrian .
    To: “[email protected]
    Sent: Thursday, July 7, 2011 12:52 PM
    Subject: Swag Bucks – I want my account activated [ ref:00D8dLPC.5008FmVzo:ref ]

    Dear Billy Shijirbaatar,

    After re-reviewing your account, it has been determined that you were deactivated because you either are operating multiple accounts and/or have multiple referred accounts stemming from one household. This action violates our terms and conditions.

    Due to past experiences, we only allow one account per person and per household to protect our Swagbucks Community and itself from cheaters and potential fraud activity.

  155. phyls esp says:

    swag bucks is a scam if they do not reinstate Billy’s bucks….over 10,000 were taken from him

  156. cutathingha says:

    Should I cash out my swagbucks everytime I reach 450? Or should i hold on to them and cash out later?

  157. tamado says:

    I love swagbucks. This site is NOT going to make you rich. It will just provide some extra money on top of your day job. Just search on their site and you will win at least 30 points a day (900points/month). A $5 Amazon gift card is 450 points ($5 paypal is 700 points). Just by searching you can make an extra $10/month.

    You can also earn more points by doing surveys, offers, and watching videos if your not content with $10/month….I usually end up getting 4 $5 Amazon gift cards a month for a total of $20/month.

    Sign up under me and send me an email for tips and tricks that I’ve learned.

    There’s really nothing to lose because if your already searching on google…you might as well sign up for swagbucks and search there for some extra cash.


  158. Bob says:

    I have been doing Swagbucks for just 7 weeks and already have in my Amazon account (it can’t be taken away from me) $125 and I have another $30 on the way. It isn’t just searching….not by any means is it just searching. It is mostly surveys and Internet tasks….although there are quite a few other ways to earn points, too. Most of your points will be from surveys.

  159. davemo says:

    I have been a member of Swagbucks since the first part of July 2010. Since I joined, I have made over 190.00 in amazon gift cards. They are definitely legitimate. As far as viruses or malware, if you do the special offers, be aware that it is NOT Swagbucks that is putting the links out there.. It is the special offers companies (Gambit, RadiumOne, SuperRewards, etc). I just dont do the special offers at all.

    You get swagbucks for searching (usually 2-3 times a day, you get your ‘dailies’ which are 6 swagbucks that you get every day for doing a poll, clicking on the survey link and a few other things, you can get referrals that will pay up to 1000 of each referral’s search wins to your account as well, you can do special offers, surveys, tasks, watch videos, and more.

    Swagbucks is awesome..
    if you want to join, my referral link is “”
    Thanks a bunch!!

  160. T says:

    This is a scam worthless search engine Google is way more better.

  161. Kirk says:

    The only thing about swagbucks is that the process of it is too slow for me and ipods and stuff are too high, so i’m beter off buying it with money. But i did get a itunes gift card and a amazon gift card, so its pretty cool.

  162. p0e says:

    Swagbucks sounds cool. But $10/month is way too slow. I joined prizerebel on Aug 11, and made 10 points in 2 days (had 0 referrals). That’s enough to redeem for a $10 Amazon Gift card. It takes 2~3 days for the gift card code to come through. But in that time you could make another $10.

  163. domestikg says:

    Joined up on Swagbucks after a friend recommended it, and it’s a pleasant surprise to see how quickly the SB total adds up. My friend has redeemed points several times for Amazn gift cards, no problem.

  164. Charles says:

    I have to agree with the other comments, swagbucks is amazing! I started less than two months ago and have already redeemed 40 amazon dollars. If you put in a little extra time, their trusted surveys are easy and give you a ton of extra bucks! I can rack up about 150 bucks a day between searching, codes, and the occasional survey. Also, there are tournaments which let you compete other swagbucks users in games for the oppurtunity to win big prizes. Join!
    If you guys could please use my referral link, it will help me and give you some extra starting bucks

  165. Dawn says:

    I’ve don’e really well with Swagbucks. I usually redeem my points for Amazon gift cards, but occasionally for paypal cash. I started in February, and I’ve made almost $200. My only complaint is that you can only claim the same prize up to 5 times per month, and since I sometimes do really well with their online surveys, I have to either wait until next month or redeem points for something that wasn’t what I originally wanted.

    Their customer service is really helpful though. I lost some points on a survey that didn’t redirect, and they gave me the points right away, no question.

  166. Buffalo says:

    I’ve only been using Swagbucks for about 2 months now and I’ve already recieved 2 gift cards for Amazon, just for searching while at work. You can’t beat getting free stuff for practically doing nothing! You don’t have to fill out the surveys, I never do, you can also get swagbucks just for watching clips of videos. If you want to join, my referral link is “” Good luck!

  167. matt says:

    IDK but it seems like the sweepstakes part of the site is rigged to have certain people win I have never won any of the sweepstakes being a member for years now. yet I see the same people winning again and again. I only “assume” that they might be swag buck employs.

  168. ChrisP says:

    Been with swagbucks for about 6 months.I started out slow and learned it on my own time.Now i can make up to 500 sb a week and i also use them mostly on Amazon Gift Cards.Im working on my 8th amazon gift card and im thinking of getting mom something really nice for mothers day.

  169. Jay says:

    Swagbucks is such a scam. Just because they pay out doesn’t mean they’re not raking, and I mean RAKING in the profits while we putter along with their few and far between swagbuck payouts. 4 days, about 200 searches later, still not a single swagbuck. My time is worth money to them and I.m getting jack shit in return. I am a scammer and I can definitely say THIS IS A SCAM.

  170. Brandon says:

    Matt and to the rest of you who think like he does, you are idiots. Do you have any fucking clue how many people are using swagbucks each day? Think about that number, its in the 7 digit range. You might NEVER get picked for a random drawing, its not rigged just because you are too fucking stupid to understand math.

  171. Ariel says:

    I can truly say that SwagBucks isn’t perfect by all means, but is the first legit website I have seen. At first I thought it was another waste of time/scam. I expected it really. Some days I get to take surveys and some I can’t. But yo have to share. If prices are too high in the Swagstore. Everyone has to make a living. It’s not that bad.
    So far they have me hooked on this crazy game! Mighty Fin, pretty aggrevaited because I can’t get through the level again, but it’s a good break from the adverage games too.

  172. Brittainy S says:

    I have been using swagbucks for 2 years and have redeemed over 60 dollars worth of Amazon gift cards. all I did was replace my search engine with a swagbucks engine and use it to search. It literally takes up no extra time until I go to redeem my bucks for a gift card. Then it take a few minutes and I am done.

  173. PegD says:

    Swagbucks is a huge scam. I followed them for a couple of years, followed the rules, earned bucks and cashed out. When I started maxing out on SBTV every day they accused me of cheating and deactived my account. Beware, if you start getting captchas, larger search wins, if they say they need to verify your account, they’re about to deactivate you.

  174. websitesediting says:

    Those that say Swagbucks is a huge scam/con, etc, are ones that have broken the rules and been deactivated.

    I broke the rules, used reloadevery in Firefox to max out SBTV, and admitted it, even before they deactivated my account, finally chosing this to justify what I suspect was a petty act by some Level 1 support person that I had criticised for their poor customer service. But that is not the point of this post, and another matter for retaliation later…

    I now have a new swagbucks account and earn £5 a month Amazon vouchers from it, instead of £25 like when I was using the reloadevery/Firefox method of watching SBYV.

    All you have to do is promise to behave, and pass the scrutiny checks on your new probationary account, and when you earn enough for a reward, you get it.

    Unless you are breaking the rules again.

    Just use the contact form and in the drop-down option, select COMPLIANCE, and tell them of their error. They are the ones that delete your account.

    If they deleted it in genuine error (not some made up specious malarky about your dog pressed the reload button every 1 minute exactly for 10 hours, etc…) then tell them, they have reinstated accounts in the past according to some Facebook comments from people that were innocent of any alleged rule breaking.

    And I still say Reloadevery is a valid legal script, which it is, and use of it is no different from other tools that speed up and make easier tedious manual actions that have the same effect.

    But then Swagbucks owns the site, and makes the rules, so if you cannot or will not follow the rules, then don’t join (again).

    Just stop calling it a scam, it does others a disservice that might otherwise make them huundreds of dollars a year.

    I wish I had found swagbucks a couple of years earlier than when I did. Maybe I glossed over it because of the few cheats that call everything a scam when they get caught.

  175. Jake says:

    I used swagbucks then I went to get a giftcard with my bucks and they said I violated a term or something. When I contacted them they said that I violated some term but they wouldn’t tell me which one. They asked me to verify my account and then permanently deactivated my account.

    It took me over 2 months to save for one gift card and they didn’t even give me the stupid $5 gift card.

    If I had violated a term I didn’t know about it and they should have told me. Swagbucks only works for some people.

    I did some research and have seen countless other cases like mine. Here is what I found out… if ANYONE else is using swagbucks in your house they can deactivate your account. Apparently it’s only one account per household. Even if you have 4 roommates that aren’t your family.

    This sucks for anyone who has roommates. He who signed up first wins. The others just get deactivated.

  176. SharonTN says:

    Swagbucks is not a scam. HOWEVER, and that is a big HOWEVER, SOME of the advertisers can be scammers. It is sort of like someone went to your newspaper office and said I want to place an ad in your paper. I will pay you X for running the ad, and for every person who buys what I am offering, I will give you these tokens to give them. You set up a store with some stuff they can buy with those tokens if they want to.
    So if the advertiser is a scammer, does that make the newspaper a scam? Of course not. It does mean the newspaper should be more careful in screening their advertisers, but a scammer is so tricky and sneaky these days that they can easily fool any newspaper (or online advertising site) into running their ads.
    I solve the problem by almost never responding to any ads on any of the point earning sites unless it is from a very well known company and it’s something I really do want.
    As for earning points, I do the daily poll, the NOSO, and play 10 games. Playing 10 games (the same or different ones) gets you 2 points after each 2 games for a total of 10 points. The trick is to go “Back to Games” (top right of the page) after each game is over and then choose the game again. I’ll also watch videos, but not the TV ones. The TV videos are generally OK, but I too have had my anti-virus suddenly sound the alarm on a TV video. I do searches every day. Generally you win 2 or 3 or rarely 4 times a day, never one right after another. If you do a search and win some points, wait several hours before trying again. And if you try several times without getting points, just stop and wait a few hours before trying again. Also go beyond the first page through to the 5th or 6th page when the results come up. Often the win will happen on one of the later pages. I generally earn enough this way to get 2 to 3 $5 Amazon certificates each month, and I do not have anyone signed up under me.

  177. Cocoon says:

    It is a scam. They will give you a few swagbucks a day so that you won’t think it is scam. I was their member once until they start screwing people and not crediting completed surveys. You might think if you take a screen shot you will prove that you finished the survey but they won’t take that as a prove and won’t credit you. And when you ask “why?” they wont even answer you!
    And they dare to correct!!! your manners and tell people on their facebook page to say ” please ” What losers! I was a member until they did not credited my 10 plus surveys. And i have been their member 2 years and in two year i could only take $25 gift card and thats it! They wont allow you to make any more then that! So this is scam. Don’t waste your time. After 2 years I finaly opened my eyes! You have more chances of winning a jack pot then making swagbucks 🙂 Good luck

  178. chris says:

    I have used swagbucks for a year now and manage to earn(not win) about £30 of vouchers or paypal every month.
    You have to take some time over it,no one is going to give you something for nothing.
    Being from the UK means we don’t use the print out discount vouchers,the walls are different and there is no mobile phone SBTVvideo app .
    I think it is a lot of work but you get out what you put in.
    Its never going to earn like a job does but it isn’t meant to.

  179. Rhyan says:

    Well if you get viruses why don’t you have a good anti virus software installed. I have had 2 programs form Swagbucks just stop downloading because they were infected and my software caught it. I am always looking to stay safe. and Swagbucks does have a little line on some sites that say they are trusted. I only download from trusted Swagbuck sites. You don’t earn much but I am already searching and I have gotten almost 1000 Swag bucks in a week. I don’t have any referrals. It depends I guess on what you are doing online and why you are doing this. I am not out to make a paycheck just get a few extras from time to time.

  180. shawn says:

    Me and my gf use this on both our phones our laptop and desktop we earn between $20-$50 in amazon money every week. Just use there search engine watch a couple videos and take a couple surveys. You can also look up some codes to use.

  181. Bee says:

    Swag Bucks is no scam. Every swag buck you earn is work a penny, but it’s easy to earn. I can usually get a $5 amazon gift card at least once or twice a week. I’ve been a member for 2 and a half months and have earned $100 in amazon gift cards along with a few other things (necklace, bracelet, t-shirt) that I actually ordered from the swag store, but are definitely overpriced considering possibilities of things you can get on amazon. It’s definitely no scam and the best way I’ve found for earning money online doing virtually nothing, yet.

  182. Orcalobster says:

    Swagbucks is a total rip off. They wrongfully deactivate accounts rather than pay out. Because their point are cumulative, I would save my swagbucks so I could cash out at a higher value for less. For example, if a $10 Paypal payout was 1300 Swagbucks, a$20 one was less than 2600 so you get more for less; because of this system I would save my points and cash out at the highest level of Paypal that they offered, which was $100 for 12,546 ( I think – it’s been a long time so I don’t quite remember.) I was able to do this about 3 or 4 times and then when I was only about ten days away from making the total again they deactivated my account. They claimed that I’d been cheating to watch SBTV with an autobot or some such nonsense. It was completely untrue, and I told them several times. Then they said that their so-called system “detected” an autorefresher. When they said this, I knew they were lying because I don’t have and have never had an automated program to view the videos. They just did this so they didn’t have to pay out again and they stole my ten thousand plus points. See, if they do this to people consistently then they can offer people “bonuses” at no expense to them because they’ve wrongfully robbed people of their points. Isn’t is odd how anyone mysteriously deactivated seems to have a large number of points or is so close to cashing out at a certain level? I think they monitor user activity and then deactivate people who cost them too much. The problem is that everyone thinks Swagbucks is such a &^^$^&$%^ great site until YOU are the one victimized. You can complain but nothing happens and other people refuse to believe you over their precious Swagbucks. I know because I tried to warn people about them on the Swagbucks Facebook page and was greeted with a litany of abuse and practically called a liar. I wonder how many of those disbelievers are now deactivated themselves.

  183. Tom says:

    Swagbucks is legit for awhile, but after either cashing out too much or they come up with a new anti cheating claim, you are done. I was told I was suspected of viewing SBTV with irregularities. I still don’t know what that means. When I sent emails for an explaination I got the same cutout response. I was not guilty to my knowledge of any violations, but I disable all my addons but shockwave and asked to reset my account. I never got a response back. I would recommend immediately cashing out when you hit the minimum gift card amount. If you want to try out swagbucks, but don’t invest alot of time in it.

  184. Amanda says:

    I have been a member for about 6 years. I have gotten several Amazon gift cards. So I am living proof that it’s not a scam! However since most people don’t get the swagbucks given to them without any effort on their part. I actually signed my hubby up and he uses it. As a bonus I get swagbucks off of him 🙂 I earn most of mine by completing the free offers or printing and redeeming the coupons. If you use the “shop” tab and shop from those stores you get an amount in swagbucks for every dollar you spend. I think ebay is actually on the list. I use for my clothes anyway, so why not get a few swagbucks toward my goal?! You don’t get swagbucks for every game or every search and that’s why most give up. They actually do make you work for them. However, one day I typed something in the search bar and got 50 swagbucks right then for that search 🙂 So yes it’s legit and the free stuff I’ve gotten off of is proof of that!

  185. Sheena says:

    not a scam i love swagbucks….. im working on my 5th prize…

  186. Joel says:

    I have been using Swag bucks for 3 months now and I love it. It is a great way to earn money. I was turning my swag points in for amazon gift cards but I recently switched to pay pal gift cards. I think this is much better because pay pal can be used everywhere even amazon plus if I want I can always just deposit the money right into my bank account. As I said I love swagbucks and if anyone wants to try it and become a swaggernut you can use my link

  187. Aliyah says:

    It’s legit . I’ve been here less than a month and have already cashed out but don’t download the toolbar as it will cause many viruses I heard and don’t pay for the offers they give because you’ll just be getting back your money when you cash out. It’s still a good site and has various ways to earn points

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