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Turning Your Visitors into Money Using Adsense

Google Adsense is the largest ads publishing network worldwide and there is no doubt about it. Almost every webmaster knows about Adsense but I am pretty sure only a few webmasters have touched the true earning potential of Adsense. It is not because they don’t know how to use Adsense but it is because their approach is not what it should be. When a newbie webmaster sees a professional webmaster earning a lot of money using Adsense, he thinks all he has to do is to get a few thousand visitors per day and put Adsense code on the website and that’s all but it is wrong.

Make Money With Adsense

If you want to earn money using Adsense, You will first need to find the answer to the following three questions.
1. Why do the advertisers spend money on Ads which Adsense will display on your website?
2. Why Adsense will pay you?
3. What is your role between Advertisers and Adsense?
If you find the answer to the above three questions and configure your approach accordingly, you will become a successful Adsense publisher. I have designed an Adsense Money Making diagram above so that you may easily understand what I am trying to explain.

How Google Adsense Works

A business owner (Seller) is always in search of a buyer to sell his products and services. A business using only a local land store often reaches a buyer’s limit and online marketing is a solution to overcome this limit. The seller doesn’t know where the buyers are but the seller knows that he can display his advertisement on different websites to get online buyers. Now again the seller doesn’t know which websites have traffic related to his products and services and this is the part where Adsense comes in.
Sellers know that they can rely on Adwords, which is an Adsense front, to display their ads on the websites having related visitors therefore they hire Adwords/Adsense to display their ads, and then Adsense shows the Seller’s ads on your website and gives you commission from what Adsense has earned from the Seller.

Why Do We Need Adsense?

OK now that you have seen the Adsense money-making diagram and have read its explanation, you now know your role in the Adsense business which is to connect buyers to the seller. Now you know that even if you have thousands of visitors on your website, not every visitor is an interested buyer. You will need targeted quality traffic to make money using Adsense.
If you are interested in starting a website to make money using Adsense, you should first decide on an area in which a seller can be interested to display his ads. Once you decide on the area the next step is how to gather visitors for that specific area.
For example, You already know that a lot of companies make shoes so many sellers should already be interested in displaying ads to sell their shoes online. You can start a website displaying information about shoes in this way, the people interested in shoe information will visit your website and if you put Adsense code on your website, the visitors are much more likely to be interested in Adsense ads and thus can result in a much more Adsense money instead of thousands of raw visitors on a general website which is designed without targeting any specific market.

  1. Alex says:

    very very good article about adsense. There are too many webmasters working on MFA website but they dont know how to really take benefit from Adsense. It is not easy to earn money:)

  2. Matt says:

    I have to admit that you have written a great article for beginners who want to make money using adsense. No matter what business you start, your approach should be solid, same is the case with Adsense. You cannot use Adsense as your primary earning source unless you plan it in start.

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  4. Online marketing tanácsadás says:

    You must have a great knowledge as well as experience if you want to make money online as a beginner. It takes many years of work and dedication to reach that level.

  5. Mousprork says:


    Really glad to get into this forum
    It’s what I am looking for.
    Hope to know more member here.

  6. marc says:

    Go to “” , register was member.
    After login go to My Workdesk and “Apply adsense”
    insert your ID (pub-xxxxxxxx), then upload a few cool photos.
    The ADS will appear on same page than photo.
    Share photo links on foruns, blogs, webpages, etc..
    Its easy win money.

  7. Sonet says:

    1. Why the advertisers spend money on Ads which Adsense will display on your website?

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